"Open in 1Password" bookmarklet for opening sites into 1Password's browser

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Do you want to tell Mobile Safari or other mobile browsers to open the current tab in 1Password 4? You can by creating the Open in 1Password bookmarklet:

1. Open this page in Mobile Safari and then select the below JavaScript text to copy it


2. Bookmark this page by tapping on the Share button and tap on Bookmark

3. Open the Bookmarks in Mobile Safari and tap Edit. Tap the Open in 1Password.. bookmark to select it for editing. Don't tap the delete or the move handler

4. Tap the address and then clear it by tapping on the x button. Now, tap in it to paste the data you copied in Step 1

5. Tap on Done to save it, then tap Done again to leave the editing mode, and finally, tap Done to close the Bookmarks menu.

6. Now, when you want to open the site, simply open the Bookmarks or if you have the bookmarks bar open, tap on the Open in 1Password bookmarklet and it'll open the site in the 1Password browser.

Note: If you are using the 1Password for iOS beta builds, use this instead: