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Hi folks!

As some of you may have noticed, 1Password is now available on the Mac App Store.

This post will address some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this release.

First and foremost, please check our knowledge base for any known issues before starting a new thread.

How do I install 1Password 3.9 if I'm an existing customer?

1. Make sure you have the latest version of 1Password installed by using 1Password > Check for Updates. This will install the latest version of the 1PasswordAgent process. The latest version will automatically remove the 1PasswordAgent when the Mac App Store version of 1Password is started.

2. Move the currently installed version of the to Trash.

3. Install 1Password from the Mac App Store (which, as with all MAS apps, requires its purchase; see next FAQ question).

The important thing to keep in mind is that the Mac App Store version is sandboxed and has very limited access to your file system. It can only store data in its Container folder (~/Library/Containers/com.agilebits.onepassword-osx-helper/Data/Documents/1Password.agilekeychain) or in Dropbox.

If your data is already stored on Dropbox then 1Password will keep using it. If you data was stored in the previously default location (~/Library/Application Support/1Password) then it will be automatically moved into the Container.

Why would I pay for 1Password 3.9 in the MAS if I already own a 3.x license?

It is not possible to convert an existing 1Password license to a Mac App Store license. That said, if you purchase 1Password from the App Store, it will include a free upgrade to version 4.

Please note that you're not required to purchase 1Password at MAS if you don't want to. 1Password 3.8 will continue to be available for our current customers.

I'm not ready to upgrade / I don't have Lion yet. Can I get a rain check?

Once this special pricing is gone, it's gone! No rain checks, sorry.

Will my 1Password 3.8.x stay compatible with browser updates?

Yes, and this was a primary reason for the major extension redesign we released this summer. We can now issue small updates for the browser extension without requiring you to update the main 1Password app. Now that Safari, Firefox, and Chrome can all auto-update your extensions for you, 1Password 3.8 should continue to work with your browser(s) for some time to come.

What happened to my backups?

1Password creates a daily backup of your information in the ~/Library/Containers/com.agilebits.onepassword-osx-helper/ directory. Up to 30 backups are kept at a time. This is not currently a user-configurable option.

I didn't get a license key with my purchase!

(hey, that wasn't a question!)
Applications purchased from the Mac App Store are tied to your Apple ID and do not require a serial number/license key. Your purchase serves as your registration.

System Requirements? Lion only?

1Password 3.9 from the Mac App Store is Lion only. Those using Snow Leopard can download 1Password 3.8 from our website:

Note that Mac App Store licenses are purchased directly from Apple and are not compatible with the version downloaded from our website.

What about your awesome licensing model? Can I still use 1 purchase across multiple Macs?

Mac App Store licensing works very similar to iTunes licensing. Purchases are tied to your Apple ID. You can install 1Password on all of the computers you personally own and have tied to your Apple ID. To do so, launch the Mac App Store and select the "Purchased" tab at the top. Then you can select the "Install" button next to 1Password.

What's new in 1Password 3.9?

To conform to Apple's specific rules for Mac App Store submissions, there are some significant differences between the application available from the AgileBits store in the past and what you'll get when you purchase 1Password from the Mac App Store.

While there are many changes under the hood, the things you may notice about the Mac App Store version if you have used 1Password for Mac before are:
  • Lion only.
  • Full Screen mode.
  • Application "sandboxing" is in place for increased security and isolation from other applications. This places strict limits on what parts of your computer's hard drive(s) can be accessed. Only locations that Apple approves us to access are allowed.
  • An optional (enabled by default) helper icon in the menu bar is available all the time for locking, unlocking and launching the 1Password application, as well as providing continuous access to a Go & Fill option for saved Login items.
  • Only one (1) 1Password data file allowed. You cannot switch between data files dynamically, either through 1Password preferences or by using the Finder.
  • You only have two choices of location for the data file: within the installed sandbox of the application or in Dropbox (see below).
  • If you choose to sync your 1Password data using the free Dropbox service, the 1Password data file must live in a fixed folder of your Dropbox storage and the Dropbox folder *must be* located in your OS X account's home folder.
  • The data file's name will always be 1Password.agilekeychain.
  • Several menu items have been removed for simplification, mostly from the Help menu.
  • Having 1Password store its Master Password in your OS X keychain is no longer available.
  • No different than 1Password for Mac 3.6, but all older browser-based support for 1Password has been removed. The only browsers that will work are Safari (and NOT the somewhat related nightly WebKit builds), Google Chrome and Firefox 5 or higher. Future updates may bring additional browser support.
  • Deleting the 1Password application using Launchpad will delete its sandboxed information -- your 1Password data as well (unless you are using the Dropbox sync method).
  • Likewise for the 1Password data file backups: they will be deleted if you delete the application using Launchpad.
  • Many of the 1Password Preference panes have been simplified by removing settings for things no longer available.
  • Safari bookmarklets cannot be created or changed from 1Password.

What about Windows users?

Windows users are unaffected by the sale of 1Password on the Mac App Store. We will continue to sell 1Password for Windows in our online store:

1Password Cannot Find My Existing Data or Move Past Welcome Screen

Sometimes the 1Password Helper will not be able to start because of a configuration issue. If this happens, when 1Password launches, you will be asked to create a new database and will be unable to see your existing data. When this problem happens, the following errors will be shown in the Console:

<br />
1Password: [39001] Failed to start 1Password Helper<br />
1Password: [39001] Connecting to 1Password Helper<br />

This problem is caused by extended attributes defined on the file below, and you can verify it in Terminal by running the command:

<br />
ls -@BFHWdel /var/db/launchd.db/;UID/overrides.plist<br />
-rw-------@ 1 markf  wheel  376 Mar 10  2011 /var/db/launchd.db/<br />  50<br />  50<br />
0: group:everyone deny write,delete,append,writeattr,writeextattr,chown<br />

If you see extended attributes on the file as shown above, you can run this command found on the Apple Discussion Forums:

chmod -N /var/db/launchd.db/`id -u`/overrides.plist

1Password for Businesses / Academic Institutions

The Mac App Store (MAS) does not currently offer volume licensing. It is however possible for individuals to purchase 1Password from the MAS and use their copy of 1Password on their work computer, just as has always been possible with 1Password Single User Licenses.

We are hopeful that Apple will bring volume licensing to MAS, as it has recently to the iOS app store. You can read more about Apple’s current volume pricing for mobile apps here:

If business purchases of apps from the Mac App Store are important to you, please let Apple know.

What is the 1Password Helper, why do I need it, and why might I want to disable it?

The helper's primary function is to make the browser extensions work. Because the extensions are sandboxed, they can't access anything outside of their own database (including your Agile Keychain, which contains all your logins). The helper's responsibility is to sync the information between your Agile Keychain and each extensions' database.

It does some other neat things too like gives you access to Go & Fill from the menu bar, but the above is its main purpose.

In short: it is a really good thing to have, but not absolutely essential (which is why there is a preference to turn it off).

I have a question that isn't addressed here.

If you have questions that are not addressed in this post or other posts in the forums, please feel free to start a new thread. Please be sure to use the search function at the top of the page first to avoid duplicate threads.