Feature Request: Display credit card numbers with spaces

Started by kop48,

kop48kop48 Junior Member
It would be great if the Credit Card number displayed had spaces every four numbers. I have a bunch of repeating numbers in mine and it makes it very hard to read them. :)
  • DBrownDBrown Moderator
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    Thanks for letting us know what would be useful to you!

    It's frustrating that there are so many variations in the digit patterns (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx, xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) and even in the number of digits (American Express, for example). If the world could simply agree on a single standard, it'd make everyone's life a little easier.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer Administrator
    It is possible to store credit card numbers with spaces. Just enter the number in 1Password that way. :)

    1Password respects the format you choose.

  • DBrownDBrown Moderator
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    It's true that you can enter whatever you like into the Number field, and 1Password will attempt to fill online forms with exactly what you've stored there. The forms themselves, though, may have one long field, which may either require or reject spaces or dashes, or four separate fields. You see many different variations.

    It's that lack of uniformity, not to mention variations in the number of digits, that make it difficult for 1Password to store the information in a universally accepted format.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer Administrator
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    The original request was that "it would be great if the credit card number displayed had spaces every four numbers." This is already possible.

    Additionally, 1Password strips all non-digits from the value before attempting filling. Storing card numbers with spaces or dashes as desired has no effect on filling in the extension. :)
  • DBrownDBrown Moderator
    My point was that the lack of uniformity in the online forms (not to mention number of digits) makes it difficult for 1Password to store the information in a universally accepted format.

    In the most obvious example, sites with four 4-digit fields cannot be filled with the 16-digit number stored (quite reasonably) as a single value by 1Password.

    I think we're in heated agreement. :D
  • kop48kop48 Junior Member
    Thanks for that tip - it's good to know that 1Password preserves formatting!