1Password chrome extension always shows in the context menu, option to remove?

I use chrome as a visual frame when doing screencaps largely for use by people who create help-pages and how-tos on navigating the sites I work on.

When I'm creating screenshots for others, I need to clean out the browser's UI so the screenshots will be "pure browser" & universal. I usually disable other extensions; but I still use 1Password while I'm taking the screencaps. Much of the work I do is centered around logins/forms/secure information and 1Password has been incredibly helpful in keeping form templates safe and easily available as I navigate. Something that isn't easily replaced by another app/extension.

Bottom line is that if I disable 1Password extension and just use the mini-app while taking screenshots it becomes noticeably harder to quickly call up form info. Which I do often enough that it simply isn't practical to continually cycle it enabled/disabled whenever I have to fill something out. It would be really REALLY great if the extension could get updated so that there is an 'option' to disable the context menu item.

If you care to pass this along to the devs, I looked up an option that would work as a "tack on" and wouldn't require changing the widget itself. (For chrome, as an example only)


I realize that just because it's possible doesn't mean it's easy or even a priority. But if someone could let the dev's know that it's still a desired feature I would be grateful!

1Password Version: 6.8.8 (688001)
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.13.6
Sync Type: Not Provided
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    @mattoftheinternets: Interesting. Personally, I use a "clean" browser profile when doing stuff like that for a lot of reasons. But it's helpful to know a bit about your workflow and why you'd want that option. It's more complex than that (isn't it always? :lol: ) since the UI is handled by the desktop app in that case, and since you're using an old version of 1Password it wouldn't benefit from any changes we make in the future, but we can certainly consider that as we continue developing 1Password. I guess I just have one question: if you're using 1Password anyway in that context, what would be the benefit of hiding the menu item? I'd think you might want to hide 1Password altogether at that time for privacy reasons. Anyway, just a thought. :)

  • Well when I say disable all the other extensions I mean that I use a different profile... but I have the 1Pass extension installed in it as well. Also as I mention later here, I also own 1Pass 7 on my personal computer, same OS... and I have the same issue both versions.

    Stay with me here: (I have to be nonspecific because of the job)

    Think of the site I am working on like a data-entry tool; now imagine it's used a bit like an install wizard with a sequence of pages each with a form & several fields. Due to the nature of the site going to a mid part of the process isn't an option. Thus if I'm taking say 5 screenshots a page, it makes it easy to have each page filled out with a keystroke, so, as soon as I land I can start taking the caps I need. (one will include the context menu, usually clicked in a form field. The content of screencaps isn't up to me.)

    The one benefit I have going for me is that even though the number of pages or order of them changes the form matches the url. Soooo I got clever... I used the op command line tool and started creating entries in 1Pass for each form I'm gonna encounter using the JSON feature... since it allows me to modify the ID's in "Web Form Details". ($.details.fields[0].id etc.) Instead of it being usernames and passwords; it's several fields of varying type.

    Then once I start down the "wizard" each page I call the "fill into current browser page" option and presto! I can start snapping away.

    Here's the hitch, I have 1Pass 7 on another computer, neither it... nor build 688001 seem to want to play nice and fill out my forms with the custom 1Pass item info unless I have the extension enabled (chrome specifically, OS is the same on both computers)

    Even through I'm calling a key-combo and invoking the mini-app... it seems to only want to fill if the browsers extension is actually on. So I land on the page, then half way through my screencaps I have to open the extensions page, disable 1Pass for the context menu cap, then flip it back on. It's a bother.

    Now I realize this is such a strange and specific issue to my situation... however I have made chrome extensions; even if the 1Pass extension is JUST a manafest and a few lines of JS to invoke the mini-app process. That is still plenty to provide an option to hide the context menu item. And since the extension is by nature a separate entity, I am not sure why you guys would need to update 1Pass the app (any version) to add an "options.html" file to the extension.

    Also I am not referring to the 1Pass X extension, I'm referring to the other one... https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/1password-extension-deskt/aomjjhallfgjeglblehebfpbcfeobpgk

    I think if you are continuing to support that extension (regardless of app version) along with 1Pass X that adding this would be a small but welcome change for at least one of us.


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    @mattoftheinternets: Wow. Thank you for the detailed explanation! I will admit that I am probably not understanding a fair portion of it (though I'm sure I would if I saw what you're referring to), but it's enough for me to see the 1Password side of it, as far as the feature request. It's certainly something we can consider for the future, especially as we develop new versions of the app (which, with the 1Password desktop extension, is doing all the work), and with 1Password X. Even if we did, you would not benefit unless you updated, and given the specificity and scarcity of this type of request I can't say there's a good chance of it at this time, but I'll let the team know it's something you're interested in. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your use case! :)

  • brentybrenty

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    Any time! :chuffed: :+1:

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