transfer 1Password ver. 4 to new PC

I have win.10 on my new and old PC. I tried using a usb zip drive for the transfer. I did first download 1Password4 from your website to the new PC. After that things went wrong. I ended with 3 different vaults and could not get the backups into 1Password so I deleted my 1Password off the new PC using the Add Remove programs, but I did end up with a lot of undeleted items (104 Items) in my C:\Users files. Can you please tell me how I can delete these files and start off new.

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  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @geojo,

    Thanks for writing in.

    Uninstalling 1Password does not touch your 1Password vaults nor its backups; to start over, you can either rename the 1Password folder in your Documents directory or you can open 1Password 4 and go to the File Menu to create a new 1Password vault.

    but I did end up with a lot of undeleted items (104 Items) in my C:\Users files.

    We don't store anything in your Users folder. Are you referring to your Documents > 1Password folder? You can compress the 1Password folder, move it to the USB just in case as a backup and then rename or move 1Password folder out of the Documents directory, open 1Password, it'll bring up the welcome tour. If you're confident you don't need the 1Password folder anymore, you can trash the zip file from the USB drive and the 1Password folder you just moved/renamed.

    We can help you with restoring from the backup files if you can explain what happened.

    Did you copy any folders that ends in .OPVault or .Agilekeychain?

  • On my usb flash drive I a copy of a folder 1Password.agilkeychain, a config folder a data folder . What one are we looking to copy into my new PC
    . I have many .agilkeychain files

  • Mike
    Years ago, I used to have Quicken on my PC. When I went from one PC to another I always used a previous Quicken backup to download all my financial data to the new PC and it was simple.
    1Password has always created a backup on my PC and this is no where near the security that I needed with Quicken to protect my financial information. So what could the problem be? Is there any way just to transfer a backup of 1Password from old to new PC** OR COULD THIS BE A "TO SIMPLE SOLUTION" TO THE PROBLEM... With all the files and folders that HAVE to DO something with .Agilkeychain how do I know I am going to copy the RIGHT ONE. How do I know I am just going to transfer something I just don't need and then making something a headache to get rid of..
    I would really appreciate any of your knowledge that you can give

    Thank You

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @geojo: If you really have no idea which .agilekeychain vault folder is the one you need, I would copy all of them. You can open each and decide which to keep later. :) We just don't have any way of knowing what you"just don't need" and what you do.

    If you have your .agilekeychain vault(s), you do not need to use a "backup"; that's how your 1Password data is stored. You can open that directly in 1Password 4, or import from it in 1Password 7 if you upgrade.

  • Hi
    Redownloaded 1Password ver 4 and got all my websites in. But when I go to a website "say Amazon" it does not log me on auto and I have to do it manually. I also noticed on my old PC when I went to a website and sometimes it did not log me on automatically there was always a 1Password icon at the top of the screen and I would just click on it and that would put the password in for me. This I do not have on my new PC. I am using internet explorer.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @geojo: 1Password should not do anything automatically, only with user input. Can you tell me the specific steps you're taking and what is/not happening? What OS, 1Password, browser, and extension versions are you using there?

  • Hi
    On my old and new PC I have 1Password ver.

    My new PC is a HP Omen desktop with windows 10
    Internet Explorer ver,11

    This is what I could do with 1Password on my old pc...If I wanted to get on amazon or ebay so, I would click on ebay or amazon and double click on the URL(within the 1Password). This would bring me to the sign-in page of say amazon. I did not have to do any
    thing else. My logon password would go in the password box and it would go to the homepage of amazon.

    This is not happening on my new PC

    It is going to the logon page but then I have to manually enter the password to go to the home page.

    I know it took me awhile to get back to you and I apologize. I have been busy at work.

  • GregGreg

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    @geojo: Could you please open 1Password 4 for Windows and go to File > Preferences > Browsers and check, if you Microsoft Internet Explorer enabled there?

    Do you see 1Password extension in Internet Explorer on your new PC?

    Thank you!


  • Yes, Microsoft internet explorer 11 is checked

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    The Internet Explorer add-on is installed during setup of 1Password 4, @geojo so there's shouldn't be much you need to do here. However, some folks have reported problems getting it installed due to 3rd party interference. Do you have "security" software which may be preventing the installation?

    But it's also possible that it is already installed, but hidden in the browser. Definitely make sure it's enabled (there will be two add-on listings for 1Password):

    And that you have it shown:

    Let me know what you find!



  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    Hi @geojo,

    On behalf of Kate you are very welcome! Please let us know what was the culprit in your situation. Thanks! :+1:


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