Installer failed repeatedly

I've never ever had problems with installing an update to 1Password for Windows, but today, I must've had to retry a dozen times before it would install. Even when 1Password and my browser were closed, I had to keep closing applications till it finally installed. Kind of frustrating. Hope the next update installs easier, like previous updates.

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    Hi @Don Dinnerville,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    Can you tell us what version of Windows you're using and what anti-malware solution you're using if it is not Windows Defender?

    Did you use our 1Password 7.3 betas before?

    Also, do you recall the last application you closed before 1Password was able to install?

  • Windows 10 Home Version 1803 OS Build 17134.523
    Windows Defender. Also have Norton Security installed.
    No use of 1Password betas ever.
    Don't remember. Might have been Quickbooks or Outlook.

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    Hi @Don Dinnerville,

    Do you remember opening any links from within Outlook?

    The reason I ask is that sometime when you click a link inside Outlook, it opens the default web browser and that also launch 1Password via the extension, which keeps 1Password running. Sometime the installer can't run because Outlook was still involved but it is very rare.

  • I don't remember clicking any links from Outlook. Either way - I've never had this issue before in all my years of using 1Password.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Can you email us your 1Password diagnostics report, it may include an error message that could explain what happened.

    Please use this guide to generate the report and email it to us at [email protected]. Also, in the email, include the link to this thread along with your forum username, so that we can connect the email to this thread.

    Let us know here when you've sent it, so we can confirm we got the email.

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