UI feedback on 1Password 7.3 changes; more clicks to reveal/large type passwords

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Version 7.3.654 on Windows has a few nice new features, so thank you for that. However, replacing the three 'reveal', 'large type', and 'copy' buttons with a single 'copy' button and dropdown menu has doubled the number of clicks the user must perform to 'reveal' and display 'large type'. This was not an enhancement, but a degradation and needs to be undone. I'm quite unhappy with the change as I was never asked whether I wanted this change in the first place. I assume most of the other users were also not asked. Please do not make UI changes that do not offer improvement to user efficiency (in this case, you took efficiency away, so it's even worse). Thank you.

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  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @ericchase,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    It is consistent with what we've been doing on the macOS platform for years and we have no plans to change this back because there will be more options added to the right-click menu, having 4 or more icons on the field makes it more unsustainable as more people didn't know what each icon did.

    I'm sorry that you're not happy but so far, even after a month of beta testing, this was not received negatively at all and in fact, we've gotten more positive feedback by making it easy to click the field quickly to copy it, which was requested a lot along to make it more consistent across platform.

    It is also more usable on a touch screen since you can't easily see what icon you're tapping on, right-click makes it easier to select the right one.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    We'll try to figure out a better approach for revealing passwords quickly, though. Would pressing control key to reveal all passwords in the viewer help?

  • Making the copy button easier to see and click is an obvious improvement, and the fact that it took this long to make that improvement is sad on your part; more importantly, it is NOT my issue. Making us click through more menus is always a negative impact. I highly doubt your conclusive report mentions "hiding buttons made other button more visible," but rather "changing copy icon to a button with the word 'COPY' in it made button more visible." Again, a very necessary change that shouldn't have taken years to implement. Still, the other buttons had nothing to do with this. If you turn them each into textual buttons with their respective names "reveal" and "large type," then I can assure you, all your users will ALSO think it's much more easier to use than previously. Humans can read text more efficiently than random icons.

    I appreciate your reply, but no, adding ctrl-click to reveal all passwords is not a solution. Also, citing your feedback results is not a good argument unless we can all see those feedback results ourselves. I've no reason to trust you.

    Also, look at all that empty space that could be containing more useful buttons, instead of putting useful buttons inside a drop down menu?

    Thanks for the response, but i'm not impressed nor convinced.

  • ericchaseericchase
    edited January 9

    Finally, I don't really care to bicker with you about this issue. I can deal with having to click a drop down menu. Many other companies have just as a bad design choices like this. What I won't deal with is continuously poor design choices down the road. So yes, I know it took you guys a lot of effort and money to make these changes. Leave it as it is if you have to, but please don't make similar poor design choices in the future. The more clicks I have to make, the less happy I become. The same goes for every single user who has to make those same clicks repetitively.

    p.s. Windows/Android > macOS/iOS.

  • @ericchase thank you for your feedback, we hear it for sure and will consider improvements. I can't say I've heard that point of view from beta version users, but it's better later than never. Thank you.

    Could you elaborate on your typical reveal use case? Are you peeking at password quickly or you want it to stick on screen, while you are in the other app? There is, possibly not-well known, keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt to reveal all passwords while these buttons are pressed. Does it help in any way?

  • Hi,

    I'm also not happy with the new UI in the Windows Version. The change of the buttons is not that problem for me, but I agree with @ericchase, now I have to do more clicks as before, if I want to use the functions that are now hidden in the drop down button.

    What I find much more irritating is the new layout in general. You changed the the detail items view from a two column to a one column layout. No the data fields and their labels are arranged one above the other instead of side by side. For me this is a big loss of clearness.

  • @SergeyTheAgile this new UI to click twice to reveal or show in large type is really shit. Why turn something that was great into this crap!?

  • +1
    new UI is horrible, feels like going back to a 90s program. Like ericchase said, doubled number of clicks

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi guys,

    We appreciate the feedback and have shared them with the design team.

    If you guys can give us your use case as to why you're revealing the passwords often than copying, we could try to figure out a better approach. However, we've received hundreds of requests to have the field clickable to copy, which we just did.

    We've also received feedback that the icons don't carry enough context to understand what they're actually doing, we added tooltips but it didn't help. In addition, we also have plans to add more options to the field, which mean having 4 or more icons next to the field will be harder to use. Switching to textual forms for all actions; [Copy] [Reveal][Large Type] [AutoType] (Open, Open and Fill, Open in] would take up the entire length, the UI will suffer, especially with translations. The dropdown is cleaner, consistent, and flexible.

  • I'll take the time to say I'm pretty happy with the upgrades. I hear the concerns around the extra clicks but I haven't felt an impact on my workflows yet and I've found the UI changes to be genuinely helpful. No update will be embraced by everyone and I respect the disagreements but overall I appreciate 1PW's willingness to always solicit feedback and try new things. This is my one indispensable piece of software!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Thanks for your kind feedback, @JM552. I'm glad you liking it so far.

    What we can promise is that we're never done with the design, 1Password is not a final product, we'll continue to evolve it just as the security threat continues to evolve. We'll keep simplifying it, we'll keep adding features, and we will continue to hear your thoughts.

    1Password wouldn't be here without you guys, so, please do keep sending us feedback. We're already hard at work on 7.4 right now and the design will be improved.

  • As a UX design professional, the latest version for Windows really is a bit of a step back in several major ways as it breaks a number of cardinal UI/UX design rules. i'd much prefer the old one if I had the option to.

  • +1
    I‘m with the first comments. With the new drop down menu it‘s not easy enough and to much clicks required to display the password.
    Maybe you can choose better and understandable icons for these functions instead of drop down.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    edited January 10

    Hi guys,

    Thanks, but as stated, we're not going to revert the design but we will keep polishing.

    As a UX design professional, the latest version for Windows really is a bit of a step back in several major ways as it breaks a number of cardinal UI/UX design rules.

    In what ways and what rules?

    With the new drop down menu it‘s not easy enough and to much clicks required to display the password.

    Right-click to select the reveal option, it is two clicks instead of hovering over to find the right icon.

    If we could understand why you need to reveal passwords often, we can figure out the better approach. For most of us, we never had to reveal the password, we simply click to copy and paste it in and we use 1Password extension to fill in the password in other options.

    If we can understand why you need to reveal the password so often, we can come up with a better approach. On the other platforms, this is the same style we had and the number of feedback on this is very little.

    I'm all for introducing revised features but this design in my view is unintuative and not user friendly.

    In what way? Why is it intuitive to right-click to have more options like you would right-click on other items?

    Please clarify.

  • We really appreciate feedback and critics, but please be specific when describing your use cases. That is the way we can take action. We also will be happy to see you using beta and commenting there, but the choice is yours <3

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @eg_je,

    The design is always subjective, I can point these out and more in other forum threads and via emails:

    loss of white background: (1) on a login item, white background surrounds username and password, other fields and sections sink into the grey background, (2) on a database item, same concept as (1) - why is the top section given focus?

    Precisely that, to give focus to the main section that's commonly used.

    loss of beautiful design: (1) https://support.1password.com/getting-started-windows/ doesn't it just give you the wow factor in comparison to LastPass, KeePass, etc. I'm not feeling that wow anymore, even KeePass looks better***,

    It is subjective and we've received just as many positive feedback on the newer design.

    2) Windows is not macOS, macOS is renowned for it's smoothness and beauty, don't bring something over half-baked and then say it needs polishing**;

    We're designing for the consistent 1Password experience across platform with a little bit of the native platform feel to this. We received a lot of requests to make 1Password consistent to use across platforms.

    We won't hold the app updates back just to finish polishing, especially if we don't hear feedback like yours during the beta stage of development. 1Password will be updated frequently based on feedback and to keep giving new improvements to our customers in time.

    edit view (1) bounding boxes look clunky,

    Agreed, there are spacing issues that we'll improve soon.

    lots more scrolling involved with larger items,

    Agreed, it's a side effect of using the narrower design. We have spacing issues to improve here.

    clicking is more specific and time consuming - I can no longer click on the horizontal which spanned the full length to edit an item;

    I don't understand what this mean, can you give us more details?

    Polishing should be done in BETA, not pushed to production and the lack of it be at at the expense of user experience or productivity ("workflow"). We probably have to wait weeks or months now for these issues to be corrected.

    It was in beta for a whole month with thousands of beta testers but there wasn't many comments about clicking more. As stated before, we don't hold 1Password back for months just to keep polishing. We'll be shipping frequent updates to keep improving the design and adding more features.

    Until we get more feedback and share with our design team; at this moment, we're not reverting the design and will keep improving it.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Where are you seeing that? We don't pre-approve anything here.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Huh? Sorry but that's not something we're doing. We really don't have anything in place like that.

    Do you have a lot of links or anything that could trigger the forum's spam filters? It could be the anti-spam system kicking in.

  • brentybrenty

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    edited January 11

    @eg_je: It appears you got caught in the spam filter for, er...spamming. Sorry about that. :lol:

    Anyway, you're right. Design is subjective. And while we can't please everyone, we'll continue to evaluate your feedback along with that of the 1Password userbase as a whole as we iterate on the design with future updates. Thanks for sharing your preferences, and you're free to participate in the beta process too. Cheers! :)

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    Hi, you can not seriously claim that the new UI is a improvment in clearness.

    All Information is arranged vertically, labels and fields. Which results in a lot of emtpy space on the right hand side and it consumes double space vertically.

    Compared to the old UI, where labels and fields are placed side by side, long lists of information are a pain to read.

    Old UI

    In the old UI you could "scan" the left area top down with you eye for the required information, and the payload was just placed next to it. Very eye friendly and fast to capture visually.

    Now you have a list, with no spaces between infomation, and labels and payload alternates in each line. If you have a long list, this is a real pain to read and to find the required information.

    I'm a software developer and I do programmings for ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX. All ERP Systems I know, use UIs where field labels and field content is placed side by side, because this fits best for human eyes to find and read the required information. You would never arrange labels and fields in a top down list in a business software, where people have to read, analyse and gather (type in) data. This breaks every rule of software ergonomics.

  • ack.... :( got new version on auto-update today.
    I NEED reveal & make large as easy clickable shortcuts back.

    Another annoying thing is now the shortcuts are at end of each item, while before it was consistently aligned to the right.

  • another thing: why make item come under label? this wastes space aloot. Much better before where item comes to the right of label.

    Atleast make annoying things like this an option where people can turn it off (i.e. back to how it was)

  • another one: shortcut ctrl+\ was somehow changed to ctrl+| on both my work & private computer for 1password. I had to go into settings after update to change it back to ctrl+. I guess many people will be confused about why their shortcuts doesn't work anymore....

  • robbiepearcerobbiepearce

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    Hey everyone, my name’s Robbie and I work on the design team here at 1Password. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your feedback and talk you through some of the reasoning behind our decisions with this.

    The recent update to the item detail view in Windows was to bring it inline with other platforms for a consistent user experience across all platforms. This is a massive improvement for so many of our users as it makes it easier for them to execute the same tasks everyday regardless of where they are using 1Password. This is something we’re working very hard to do in almost every area across all platforms, so going forward everyone will be seeing changes here and there to bring things inline - this just happens to be one of the biggest.

    As Mike mentioned, this interface has been used on macOS for a long time already, and we’ve had the Windows redesign in a large beta program for a while. We have had very little feedback in regards to the issues you’re describing here. We know it’s not completely perfect yet, but we are already working on fixing the issues we are aware of (such as spacing, layout, visual hierarchy, etc) and you will be seeing those improvements shortly. And of course we are always working to improve 1Password and there are future improvements to the detail view down the line for all platforms.

    We changed to the single column layout for a number of reasons. The big one is probably longer labels being readable, such as security questions - but even in the screenshots you are sharing of the old design you can see the ‘last modified’ label is already truncated. There are others in addition to that, like the ability to make the window much narrower. 1Password is often used next to other apps to copy and paste data back and forth and having a narrower item detail view is very helpful with this. It may be easy for a lot of us on big screens to see a lot of wasted space, but we have to remember a large number of users are also still using 1Password on small laptop screens as well. It also will help with new features coming in the future from other platforms that this layout was designed around.

    We’d love to hear your use-cases for why you need to reveal or show your passwords in large type so often and where you are filling them that cannot be done by copying and pasting or using the extensions. Obviously those are the most common use cases for the majority of our users so making it easier to copy data in this new design is a big improvement for them. As Serg mentioned, you can ‘peek’ at passwords by holding Ctrl + Alt to reveal them temporarily, or if you need them permanently, right clicking to bring up the menu to show the other options. If this is a very common use-case we can look into potential ways of making this smoother.

    Again, I want to thank you for your feedback. Our relationship with our customers is part of what makes 1Password so great and helps us keep improving in all areas. I'm sorry to hear you're not completely sold on this new design but I hope this answers some of your questions as to why :smile:


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