UI feedback on 1Password 7.3 changes; more clicks to reveal/large type passwords



  • I started another thread without finding this one, but I just wanted to add a +1 and say I think the new Windows UI stinks.

    I don't care how it works on the Mac. I don't use a Mac, never have. And if you really want them consistent I would say you should copy the Windows UI to the Mac and not the other way around.

    Hidden UI is never a good design, even if it might seem cool to the developers. Having to stop and think about where you're going to move the mouse to slows you down. Buttons should be in a consistent place, and be a consistent size. They shouldn't bounce around the screen in response to other content. And hiding options in a drop-down menu when there is plenty of screen space them is just plain silly. Some users have small screens? Come on, that's just an excuse. Collapse the UI into an overflow menu if it doesn't fit on a small screen.

    I haven't been using 1Password very long and already this change has made me dislike it, which is not really a good place to be in.

  • I have a bit of a unique perspective as I have been using 1Password now for a while, but on a mac. I recently switched to pc UI about 1 month prior to the update. And, of course, I have now experienced the update. So, I have worked in the mac UI, the Windows UI prior to the update and now the new updated app.

    In response specifically to design consistency - I felt the experience I had with the pc UI prior to update was much more consistent with Mac than this new updated version. Here are my specific feedback items:

    1. The white box in the grey form is distracting. When you combine the white box, the large space and the password strength icon (which looks like an unresolved 'my computer is thinking' icon) I thought I had an error when I first saw the new update. In fact, it feels so much like the form has not loaded correctly that I sent a help message to your team. So, my feedback is this isn't consistent with the look and feel I've experienced in the Mac UI.

    2. It's not as intuitive. Sure, I right click things still, but that seems like a step backwards from intuitive design and current trends. In the Mac UI the fields were next to the labels with clear icons that helped me understand quickly how to reveal and copy. I understand the space thoughts behind the new column design, but I believe you have sacrificed intuitiveness.

    3. I personally like to reveal passwords simply because it helps me remember them when I don't have access to 1Password. Again, it feels harder for me to reveal in this UI...if I can figure out how in the first place.

    I am not technical. I am not a programmer (far from it!). But, I am a dedicated user who has used this across multiple UI's. I appreciate how hard it is to design for everyone, but this is one user who truly feels you have taken steps backwards with this UI in beauty and elegance, intuitiveness and consistency.

    Thank you for listening.

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    Thanks for the feedback, folks. Large numbers of our customers use 1Password across multiple platforms, so consistency is a very real imperative for us. But we'll keep working to strike a better balance to make the experience great for the greatest number of people. And it's definitely helpful to know the specific workflow/use case reasons the new design doesn't suit you. I'm afraid we won't be able to satisfy everyone, but we'll keep striving. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty curious as to why all my feedback posts, in-fact all my posts (even unrelated), have been hidden from public view?

  • I agree with all comments from @derek328 @opusman @JMcClane72 @veriik @ericchase


    Someone on Twitter also said this that I agree with him totally:

    "Now I have click twice if I want to reveal password, not to mention that the login detail simply looks ugly now as everything is too much cornered. Most feature (to show what we are typing in when unlocking 1Password) still not present...
    And I really miss the option to unhide master password (I use quite complex one, tens of characters, hard to find mistakes there...)"

    I was talking with a friend of mine, about Chrome's new Material Design on PC. What he said to me, I like to post here as I see same changes in 1P for Windows:
    "The new design has landed in Chrome 69, can’t say I’m a fan, it looks a bit too flat and colorless. I know flat design is a thing, but I don’t like the trend of software resembling web pages too much. It’s too minimalistic for me.
    This is purely cosmetic, too. Round tabs, use of Windows’s transparency (“Acrylic”) effect for the background of the title/tab bar..."

    @brenty I didn't find @derek328 's post, attacking people. He really didn't mean that. It was not his intent I know for sure.
    And after all, I am sure you and your team all know the slogan that says "The customer is always right"

    In German they say "Der Kunde ist König" which translates to the customer is king.

    In other words, we are the product we use. Like saying that says "you are what you read", here we are product we use.
    Each and everyone of us are somehow is engaged in "Evangelism marketing" since we all love 1Password and talk about it with friends and family, and recommend to them.

  • I've been waiting for someone to post in this thread saying how much they value consistency across platforms. Still waiting...

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    Yeah, when you talk like that, why would anyone who might disagree with you feel welcome here in this discussion? I've heard from a number of people personally who are especially glad for the added consistency...but also have suggestions on how they'd like us to improve it even more. Generally we don't hear from people when they're happy -- because they're just off, like, doing stuff they want to be doing. Anyway, at this point, you've already told us what you think, so there really isn't any use going around in circles. We're gonna keep working on 1Password for everyone no matter what. Have a great weekend! :)

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