Why do 1Password not answer support e-mails? [Emails are answered in order received]

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Simple question, as per $subject.

(Bet this gets answered before my e-mailed support query)

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    Welcome to the forum, @forgave_possess!

    We've got several channels of communication, from Twitter and Facebook to Reddit to this forum to email. All of them, at the top level, concern 1Password and supporting our users. But just as people outside of 1Password use different communication channels for different purposes and in different ways, so do we. A tweet to @1password, for example, will ordinarily get a pretty quick reply, but it's both nearly impossible and exceedingly public to try to conduct intricate troubleshooting in 280-character chunks.

    Email is our most comprehensive and private support option, where there are no character limitations and the conversation is only between us and you -- so things like specific details of a person's setup, diagnostics reports and account details can be discussed. We answer support emails in the order we receive them, and we answer them all. What that means, sometimes, when email volumes are higher, is that there will be a wait that's longer than we'd like our users to wait. Unfortunately, we can't control the volume of email we receive on a given day...or week. Lately, since the release of both 1Password 7 for Windows and 1Password 7 for Mac, as well as the changes made by Apple in macOS 10.14 (“Mojave”), we've been experiencing a surge in support requests. If you've written in via email, it must have been with a different email address than you used to register for this forum, as I wasn't able to find anything from this email address in our queue. If you're having a particularly urgent problem, you should have received by now an automated reply from our BitBot assistant that contained a Support ID number. Please post that number here in a reply to this thread, so I can follow up and "connect the dots." If your problem isn't unusually urgent, we appreciate your patience as we work through this backlog to get back to our usual speedy response times. Thanks for the question! :)

  • Email is our most comprehensive and private support option

    For a paid product, this is the only support method I am interested in.

    Appreciate the reply.

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    Understood. :) I'm not seeing any emails from the address you have registered here on this forum in our inbox. When you emailed in you should have received a support ID from our auto-responder BitBot. Could you please post that ID here so we can be sure your ticket has been routed appropriately?


  • Hi Ben,

    I like to keep my identifies separate. I have already been contacted via support, though I had resolved the issue myself by then. This thread can be closed.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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