1password master password stolen

Help! My home was burglarized and the master password stolen. I am slowly being locked out of critical financial accounts. I hoave changed the password but should I continue to trust 1password? Do I need to migrate?


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  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @SnufiCheng,

    Thanks for writing in, I'm sorry to hear about what happened.

    You need to re-generate your Secret key as well depending on what was stolen. Here's how: https://support.1password.com/lost-device/#if-you-use-a-1password-account

    I would recommend going through that article as it is used for stolen device with 1Password data on it but it'll help a bit in your situation as well. You may want to deauthorize other devices that may have been stolen.

    Once you change your master password and secret key, the thief can't get in without knowing both.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Once you finish with changing your 1Password account, we do recommend changing your web service's passwords next along with freezing/reporting your credit cards as stolen if they were in 1Password.

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