I can't figure out how to share my primary vault: Transfer 1 password to husband's pc from my I mac

I recently upgraded to a family 1Password account. I've gone through all the steps and my husband has downloaded 1Password to his pc, and accepted my invitation. I'm stuck on how to get the passwords on his pc from my I mac

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    Hi @mguttilla,

    It isn't possible to share the "Private" vault. If you'd like to share all of your items with your husband you have a couple of options:

    1. If there will be other people on the membership who you do not want to share with you could create a new shared vault and share it only with your husband: Create and share vaults | 1Password. If you do this, you'll likely want to set this vault as the "vault for saving" in 1Password so any newly created items are saved in this vault. This is probably the option I would recommend. It gives you the most flexibility.
    2. You could move all of your items into the built-in "Shared" vault and make this the "vault for saving" on each computer. You'll only want to do this if the two of you will be the only members on your membership, or if you want to share all of your data with everyone else who is.
    3. The two of you could share a single 1Password account within your membership. For this option the two of you would essentially be the same person as far as 1Password is concerned, and so you'd both have access to the same "Private" vault. To do this you'd need to both sign in using the same 1Password credentials (same email, Secret Key, and Master Password). This option is probably the least desirable as it makes it the most difficult if you decide you want any level of separation of your data in the future.

    Which option will work best depends a bit on your situation.


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