3 issues making 1password more difficult to use than necessary

Hi, I switched from LastPass to 1Password in the Fall after much fustration with LP over many years. It got better recently on Mac however I still wanted (and still want) a better password solution which does not interfere with my workflow and which works on my applications as well as my browsers. I'm a professional designer and use lots of software.

  1. 1Password is currently asking for my masterpass each time I open a browser. I would like to ask for this only once a day - or when I sign on (which is normally once each day). I've tried using the prefs to set this to no avail.
  2. I would like 1Password to fill passwords on my applications when I need it to. Can it do this? And if so how do I set that up?
  3. And finally when I set up 1pass I wanted to use for my wife and myself - with separate vaults, so we can each access the other's stuff if necessary. I allowed a Private Vault and set up a Bob vault (me) and a Cathe vault (her) and now the Private vault opens first and forces me to the choose my own vault. It would be very much less frustrating when in a hurry which is most of the time, if I could simply go to my own vault and search for the pw I need.

I'd appreciate some help with this, while in the meantime I wrangle through the learning process.


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  • 1P version: 7.2.2, Extension: 1.13.2, OS: OSX 10.12.6, Sync Type: I don't understand this question

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    Welcome to the forum, @RobertAppleton! Thanks for the questions, which I'll get to in just a moment. First, though, a bit of housekeeping? "Gently bumping" a post by replying to yourself before any of the staff have had a chance to respond winds up doing the reverse of what I suspect most people intend by "bump." Yes, it pushes the post to the top of the list (which is sorted by most-recent), but since we answer posts in reverse time order (oldest posts/people who've been waiting longest first), bumping your own post to a more-recent timestamp only ensures it will be longer until you get a reply.

    Regarding 1Password locking, there are a number of adjustments you can make, several of which overlap with one another. For example, if you have the "Lock after computer is idle for ____ minutes" setting set very high (like 300 minutes or something) but you also have "Lock on sleep" set, and your System Preferences for sleep are set to 15 minutes, then your effective time until lock (which requires your Master Password to re-unlock) is 15 minutes, not 300.

    You're a little ahead of the curve for applications filling. Apple has not enabled this functionality quite yet, but it's on the roadmap. In 1Password 7 for Mac, for the first time, you can open an app like iTunes (and leave it front-most), then type ⌘\ to invoke 1Password mini, and you'll see that it's already loaded your Apple items. That's a large part of filling into apps already in place, and it can help you today by presenting you with the appropriate items instead of you having to search for them. The rest - the actual filling - isn't available yet from Apple...but it's in the works. Stay tuned! :)

    Regarding vaults for individual users, unless I'm not understanding what you're trying to achieve, that sounds like exactly what 1Password Families was made for. Each member of the account gets his/her own Private vault, the contents of which only they can see/use, plus access to the family-wide Shared vault (the other default vault). I'm not sure why (if it is just the two of you) you would need to create two additional vaults to be able to have some stuff private and some stuff shared between you?

  • Hi Lars, I'll try your suggestions and report my progress. Applications filling is offered by LastPass - however it does require buying a separate piece of software. Sorry to hear that Apple is not being responsive and glad to hear that 1Password mini is operating with an iCloud password.

    I may have missed the benefits of 1Password Families. How can I change my setup to use this?

    Thanks for responding so quickly!

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    Applications filling is offered by LastPass - however it does require buying a separate piece of software.

    It also requires you be using Windows. ;)

    I may have missed the benefits of 1Password Families. How can I change my setup to use this?

    Well, first step would be to sign up for a 1Password Families account if you haven't already. If you have an Individual 1Password account already, just click the "Invite People" link in the right sidebar to invite your family members, which will switch you automatically to a 1Password Families account. As people sign up and you confirm them, they'll receive the Private vault and access to the Shared vault, so any items you want to share with family members, you can move into the Shared vault. As the Family Organizer, you can create as many additional vaults as you like and share them with whatever subset of family members you wish. You can also help family members who've forgotten their Master Password or lost their Secret Key recover their account. Let us know if you have any questions! :)

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