Please remember vault settings across "Manage People" in 1Password Chrome Extension

Chrome lets you use "Manage People" to keep multiple browser windows open with different identities. I keep different windows open for different work accounts, and another for personal accounts.

When using 1Password Chrome extension, if I choose a Vault, it affects all open instances of the browser. I wish that the 1Password extension remembered which Vault I have chosen for each different Chrome identify. IE, it would remember I chose the "Work" vault when I'm in my work Chrome identity, and my "Personal" vault when I'm in the personal Chrome identity.

1PasswordX does remember these properly against people, but I don't like using it because it makes me sign in separately to each "manage people" that I have open which is a huge pain.

I wish that the 1Password Chrome extension would remember my vault selection specific to the Manage People identify I'm currently using in Chrome.


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    @slaggggg: Can you please clarify? The things you describe in paragraphs 2 versus 3 seem to contradict each other. A concrete example might help. Thanks in advance! :)

  • Yes - thank you. Here is a repro:

    1) In Chrome, use "Manage People" to create an identity called Work (see for more info on Manage People)
    2) Install the 1Password browser extension into your Chrome instance for Work (not 1PasswordX)
    3) In Chrome, use "Manage People" to create a second identity called Personal
    4) Install the 1Password browser extension into your Chrome instance for Personal
    5) In 1Password, create a vault called Work. Store some work stuff there.
    6) In 1Password, create a vault called Personal. Store some personal stuff there.

    At this point, you can have two Chrome instances open at the same time - one for Work, and one for Personal. You'd like to use the Work vault items with your Work Chrome instance, and the Personal vault items with your Personal Chrome instance. But you can't.


    7) Go to the Work Chrome instance. Click the 1Password extension icon. Select the Work vault. Works well
    8) Go to the Personal Chrome instance. Click the 1Password extension, and you see the Work vault selected. Select the Personal vault instead.
    9) Go back to the Work Chrome instance. You see that Persoanl is selected.


    For the Chrome instances to independently remember which vault is selected. So that

    a) Go to Work Chrome instance and select Work vault, and
    b) Go to Personal Chrome instance and select Personal vault, and then
    c) Go back to Work Chrome instance and observe that Work vault is still selected, and
    d) Go back to Personal Chrome instance and observe that Personal vault is still selected

    Thank you for listening!

  • Hello @slaggggg,

    We do occasionally see this request. For now at least there are no current plans to implement such a feature. It's something that only makes sense in Chrome and if you're using multiple profiles and would require more work than you might first think given throughout 1Password's code there is only the notion of the globally active vault. What I mean by this is if you switch vaults in 1Password mini it is reflected in the main window as well.

    There is a small percentage of users that would appreciate this but in weighing up where to spend developer time we have to consider a number of factors that include the estimated work required, who would benefit from the work and if there are any potential downsides such as any UI (User Interface) required to allow configuration causing confusion for people not interested. It may be we're underestimating how many people would directly benefit from this but to try and put it into context, the volumes of messages we received when the companion extension shipped with a non-retina icon for Safari was a landslide compared to the times I've seen this request over my entire time here at 1Password. It's hard to justify when there may be over features that benefit more of our users.

    This isn't to say it may not happen, it just isn't something I've seen talked about so I feel it is unlikely at this point in time.

  • I understand how you have to make such tradeoffs. Thank you for listening. I'll keep my fingers crossed that some day this makes it.

  • Greetings @slaggggg,

    Thank you for understanding and thank you for taking the time to make the request. While I didn't have anything promising that I could offer on this occasion we do pay attention to what our users ask for and it does help shape 1Password.

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