Weird TFA lockout - support waiting times?


A couple of days ago I tried to set up TFA. Upon submitting the generated code during setup, I got logged out everywhere and were prompted to log in with the TFA one-time code. This did not work. I do have the key/seed for TFA that was given to me during setup, and mailed that - along with some other info to support. I probably made a mistake somewhere, so no rush but I haven’t heard back from them and I am currently wondering:

  • Can something be done about this? Keep in mind I mailed support within the hour of TFA setup so chances are smaller that I am a random dude trying to break in. I also have the TFA seed/key given to me during TFA setup. I read here on the forums TFA can be disabled by support after a verification process. Does anyone know what that process is like? Is there any info I should have ready.
  • How long can I expect it to take before my ticket gets a reply/access? Then I can estimate when I will have access once again to 1Password.

The support ID is #CIR-24422-719. Thanks in advance!

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @mpboom

    I apologize for the delay. I see we have received your email and it has now been routed to the appropriate folks. This is something we can help with, but there is a verification process to go through via email. Someone should be in touch with you shortly to begin that process.


    ref: CIR-24422-719

  • Thanks a lot, have a nice day!

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member
    edited January 11

    You're very welcome, and you as well. :)


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