1Password / Dashlane Extension in Safari

Hy Guys!

actualy iam searching for a Password Manager an testing 1Password and Dashlane.
I think the software ist every eqaul but personaly i like the 1Password company more. But the Safari Extension so mutch better at Dashline - its like 1Password X for Chrome or Safari.
So i wunder why?
I know, 1Password X is not possible by Apple - But a tool like it - like the Dashlane Extension,...

Can you tell me something about your plans?


1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @Tom_ate,

    Unfortunately there's very little I can say. We try to not talk about what might happen, I can't even promise a feature in a beta will make it to a stable version and a very recent example of this was we tried getting the Safari App Extension ready for 1Password 7.0 but in the end reverted to the old approach until improvements in Safari 12 meant we could take a second attempt in 1Password 7.2.

    Safari does mean doing a number of things differently than we do with Chrome. 1Password X still has maturing to do even on Chrome so whilst we would like Safari to have it as well I can't offer anything beyond that. It really would be the case of watch this space.

    The only advice I can really give applies not just here but for all software. Evaluate it on what it does now, not what somebody promises it may in the future. Make sure that if there are bugs that they don't affect you in case those bugs don't receive attention any time soon and in the end make the choice that is best for you and your personal criteria.

    Now 1Password X and the companion extension do have very differing UIs (User Interfaces) but functionally they're pretty similar. There are a couple of things 1Password X can do that the companion extension doesn't and they're most noticeable on multi-stage sign-in forms but both will fill and save and allow you to generate strong passwords. If you have any questions about what 1Password X or 1Password for Mac can do please do let us know.

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