Long pause after authentication, intermittent

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I am seeing a pause after entering my 1Password password. The pause can be up to 6-7 seconds before authentication actually proceeds. If I lock the app after authentication and then try to re-authenticate, the pause drops to 2 seconds.

1) It happens with the standalone app
2) It happens with the Safari extension
3) It happens with v6 and v7 of the app
4) I store my Vault in DropBox
5) I have a personal Vault (what I started with when obtaining 1Password), but added a work account Vault when that came along.

Has anyone else seen this pause after entering 1Password password for access?

_1Password Version: v6 and v7
_Extension Version: Safari - 4.7.3
_OS Version:macOS 10.13.6 and macOS 10.14.2
_Sync Type: Dropbox


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @thellum - that's definitely not normal. I notice you said this happens "with v6 and v7 of the app," which leads me to believe you may have at least two versions (and possibly more) of 1Password installed on the same Mac at the same time? That can definitely cause issues. If you don't have any real need to have both available, I'd strongly suggest going with just one of them and deleting all other copies of 1Password from your hard drive. Try that first (and a restart) and let us know if that makes any difference.

  • Hi @Lars ,

    No, just the one version on my machine. However, I have v7 on my work computer and v6 on my home computer. Both access the same Vault in Dropbox. Would that be an issue?

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @thellum - it shouldn't be. That's how sync is supposed to work. And sync's not really involved in unlocking, anyway. There's no authentication to a remote server; each copy of 1Password has its own copy of your data in a local SQLite database. So when you enter your Master Password, there will be a delay as decryption occurs, which can vary by how powerful the processor is on the device you're using, but on most modern hardware that should be almost imperceptible. Back in the days of the iPhone 3G or so, it was an issue...but it shouldn't be on a modern Mac that's not horribly burdened with other simultaneous tasks. Are you able to take a screen-capture video of it (don't reveal any personal information), and post it here? Or if not, at least get an accurate (maybe stopwatch) timer on it?

  • wlevitanwlevitan
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    Mine hangs for 23 seconds via Chrome Extension. There is the spinning wheel, but actually doesn't spin. It's just frozen. Screenshot attached.

    1Password 7
    Version 7.1.2 (70102000)
    AgileBits Store

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Wow! That's definitely not normal, @wlevitan. How are you syncing your 1Password data? Do you have a 1Password membership, or are you using Dropbox or iCloud? Do you have access to your data on another device that is not experiencing these symptoms?


  • I resolved this issue by performing the following:
    1) Quit 1Password entirely
    2) zipping together all 'agilebit' files/folders inside of /Users/me/Library/Application Scripts, and then deleting those files/folders (zipping up first to allow me to backtrack if my efforts screwed me up)
    3) zipping together all 'agilebits' files/folders inside of /Users/me/Library/Containers, and then deleting those files/folders
    4) zipping together all 'agilebits' files/folders inside of /Users/me/Library/Group Containers, and then deleting those files/folders

    IMPORTANT NOTE: this forces 1Password to rebuild a few things on next launch and may invalidate your shared Vault account - in which case, you'll need your admin to re-allow your admission. It does not affect your personal vault (wherever it is stored).

  • rudyrudy

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    For future reference, you shouldn't need the 1Password folder from Application Scripts at all, the script that previously existed there would get re-created on next run prior to 1Password 7.2, and is obsolete/unused by 7.2 and newer.

    The folders in Containers mostly just hold settings files, so its probably not super necessary to archive those either.

    The Group Containers folder is where the real databases, encrypted documents/attachments, settings, license files all live.

  • Awesome, thank you @rudy. Cheers!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @thellum - you're quite welcome, on behalf of rudy. :)

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