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This discussion was created from comments split from: 1P 7.0.1 Will Not Update To 7.0.3. "Cannot be open during installation"?.


  • Just had this issue. Did a fresh install of 1password 7.2.2 on a computer I received on 02JAN19:

    2019-01-02 10:49:08-05 <computer-name> installd[641]: Installed "1Password 7" (7.2.2)

    Today I got in a loop of "cannot be open during installation" messages on trying to update to 7.2.4.

    The advice in this thread (cmd-opt-ctrl-q) worked for me, but it looks like the bug identified in this thread probably isn't totally squashed, or a new bug is showing up with the same symptoms.

    Computer: MacBook Pro 13", 4 x Thunderbolt 3, 10.14.2.

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    @caesararum - thanks for the heads-up. That hasn't been the case in our testing, which makes me wonder what leftover 1Password items might've been present on your device in the Library folder. Try this: next time you update (7.2.5 shouldn't be too far off), see if the issue persists, and if it does, let us know.

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    @Lars There really shouldn't be any leftover items in ~/Library (or /Library) since this computer is factory fresh.

    To give you a bit more context:

    • The computer was unboxed and prepped for my first day of work on 01JAN
    • I received the computer (running 10.13) on 02JAN and installed 1password
    • I synced my vaults with my existing account
    • I realized I needed to update Safari to use the browser plugin, so I bumped it to 12.x
    • Next, I realized I would need to update macOS, which I did that evening (still 02JAN)
    • The App Store update looks like it ran overnight 10-11JAN, from inside my backpack while on my home (not work) network

    Maybe one of these breadcrumbs will help you figure out the underlying cause.

    If it happens again, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks!

  • @Lars Something ate my comment. Let me try this again.

    There shouldn't be anything in ~/Library or /Library since this computer just came out of the box.

    For context:

    • My new boss prepped this machine on 01JAN for my first day of work on 02JAN (It came with 10.13 installed.)
    • One of the first things I did was install 1Password 7.2.2
    • Since the browser extension wouldn't work with the factory Safari, I upgraded to 12.x
    • Later that same evening (02JAN) I upgraded to macOS 10.14
    • (My computer never pulled 7.2.3)
    • I took my computer home yesterday 10JAN, and it apparently updated to 7.2.4 from inside my backpack on my home network

    Hopefully one of these breadcrumbs can help you track down the root cause.

    If it happens again, I'll be sure to let you all know. Thanks!

  • I also just had this issue, on updating to 7.2.4 from the App Store. The onepassword7-helper process was still running, and would start again automatically on killing it. I proceeded by cancelling the update, launching 1Password, quitting completely, initiating the update again.
    The App Store mechanism for quitting 1Password had been successful in quitting the app itself, including the menu bar item, only the onepassword7-helper process remained running. In that state, 1Password did not appear on the Force Quit app list.

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    @logosen - can I ask what version of 1Password 7 for Mac you were updating from? We did indeed address this in 7.2, but that only means: for every thing AFTER that. If you were updating from a version prior to that, the behavior you experienced would have been normal for that pre-fixed version (sorry for the inconvenience). Can you clarify?

  • @Lars 7.2.2, as per @caesararum never pulled 7.2.3.

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    Thanks @logosen. We'll investigate.


  • Had the same issue this week. On a Mac installed from scratch with the most recent update.

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    Do you recall which version of 1Password you updated from when you saw this issue?


  • Hello,

    Same issue here - 1password helper is not closed by the AppStore installer app.
    Updating from version 7.2.2

    Best regards,


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    Welcome to the forum, @nikkoura! I'm sorry for the trouble. Can you recall whether Safari was running when you experienced this issue? If it was, that's likely to have been the problem; with the release of Safari 12, app extensions are now actually part of the main application (not just 1Password, any application with a browser extension). This provides greater security and other benefits, but it means that if Safari is open, so is 1Password. The next time you go to update, try making sure Safari is closed first, and see if that helps.

  • @Ben sorry for the late response. I can't tell you precisely by looking anymore, but I know that I had my Mac reinstalled on Jan 7 and I am pretty sure that I installed 1P that day, or the day after at the latest. As the update was installed (or released) on Jan 11, I would assume that I would have had version 7.2.2 based on the version history in App Store .

    Does this answer the question fully enough?

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    @Kobes - yes, thanks! The next time you go to upgrade the Mac App Store version of 1Password, please make sure Safari is quit before you begin the process, and let us know how it goes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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