Filling wrong fields for has both a login section and a registration section on the same page.

1Password always wants to fill out the registration section.

Even if I manually save the login and edit the item and edit the web form details and remove entries for the registration form fields and just leave the entries for the login form fields.

Any ideas on how to coax 1Password into filling the login fields?

1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.13.6
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hello @msabramo,

    I don't have good news I'm afraid. I've been able to reproduce your findings and like yourself, any attempt to convince 1Password 6 to fill the correct fields failed. The site uses two forms as is right, separating the sign-in from the registration. The problem though is the word register appearing in the description of the sign-in form. We want 1Password to avoid filling a registration form and the choice of words used confuses 1Password and causes it to fall back on other rules of thumb which may normally work well but result in a bad choice of fields being filled.

    I did also test 1Password 7 as we've had substantial changes to how filling works and it did fill the correct fields. 1Password 7 is a paid update though so it isn't as easy as simply asking you to install the next version. Whether you feel 1Password 7 has enough in it to make it worth making the move is up to you. Our support pages what’s new in 1Password 7 for Mac and Upgrade to 1Password 7 for Mac should help with this including what options are available for obtaining 1Password 7. A 1Password account includes access to 1Password 7 as part of the subscription cost but we do still support licences for those who don't feel the 1Password account is for them.

    Sorry it wasn't better news for 1Password 6 and if you have any questions please let me know.

  • Hello, Mr. Tables,

    Even though your news wasn't good news, I appreciate you taking the time to reproduce this and analyze why it's happening!

    It's good to know it wasn't just something on my system.

  • Greetings @msabramo,

    Mr Tables :lol: I love it!

    I do wish it had been better news. Some times I'm able to coax the right behaviour out of 1Password for a tricky page but with some it's just the code isn't going to let me. If you do take a look at 1Password 7 I hope first that you feel you've had value for money with 1Password 6 and that it has served you well and then I hope you see plenty in 1Password 7 to tempt you.

    We do continue to support our 1Password 6 users, it's just that as it is no longer under active development it could mean the answer is we've fixed it but that fix isn't available to 1Password 6. I don't enjoy it when that's the case but it could be the answer we need to give.

    If you decide to stay with 1Password 6 and find there are other sites you're having trouble with do please let us know, it could be there is something we can help with.

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