1Password 3.8.15 now available

Good news, everyone: 1Password 3.8.15 is now available as a free update from our website. Its changelog goes a little something like this:

  • Updating the Helper background process to support version 3.9.0 beta 7 (and later) of the Firefox extension
  • Improved Diagnostics Report
  • Updated prompt for installing the Safari extension
  • Improved memory usage within 1Password Helper during syncing
  • Added flag to prevent 1Password from forcing the use of the discrete graphics card
  • Improved Rebuild Data File routine to solve a rare crash for items saved with malformed data
  • Added a new log to detect Logins that don't have any fields. This will help during debugging
  • Fixed crash when right clicking an item to edit which is of a different type than the currently displayed item
  • Fixed crash on 1Password startup on Mac after deleting folders on Windows
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