Improper password strength indication

One of my logins has a random 15-character password generated by 1Password, yet the progress-bar-type strength indicator declares the password to be very weak. A quick poll of other logins showed password strengths properly indicated.

Apple App Store v3.9.3 (39300.079)

Screenshot of improper password strength indicator:


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    Hey Stephen

    This is an excerpt from a recent blog posting please see if this applies to you. Also note the portion about if you sync the file between different version of 1P as a particular point of interest.

    tarting with 1Password version 3.8.11 on Mac and 1.0.9.BETA-238 on Windows, password strength is not stored in the data at all, but is recalculated by 1Password as needed.

    If you sync your data across different versions of 1Password, you may see some oddnesses where you would expect password strength to show up until those versions fully catch up with 3.8.11. That is, 1Password 3.9.2 from the Mac App Store (at the moment) will incorrectly treat the lack of a strength indicator as a lack of strength. So please have some patience with potentially misleading strength indications on versions that haven’t yet caught up to 1Password 3.8.11 with this.
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    Hi thightower,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. It looks like you’re well aware of the problem and onto a solution. I wasn’t concerned, as the strength indicator didn’t seem to effect login performance. I’ll look forward to a resolution in an upcoming release.

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    This should actually be resolved in 3.9.3 as indicated in the portion of the blog post Tommy quoted. Try rebuilding your data file (Help > Troubleshooting > Rebuild Data File). If you are still having trouble, please try adding a note to the item and re-saving it.

    Let me know if you are still having trouble.
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