Fingerprint unlock option disabled after phone reboot

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Is this expected behaviour?

1Password Version: 7.0.9
OS Version: Android 8.0.0
Sync Type: OPVault


  • I have this problem too. I enabled this feature once, used it for some time and after a while, the feature was disabled without me doing anything (except maybe rebooting my phone).

    I noticed it happens with 1Password app but also with one of my banking app which has fingerprint authentication: after a while, the option is disabled and I have to activate it again. But on another banking app, the fingerprint option does stay enabled upon rebooting. Maybe a bug on a specific version of Android and a specific kind of fingerprint authentication implementation?

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hey @Ren and @TriangularCube. Can you let me know if you have your devices encrypted? That is, after rebooting, do you need to unlock the device with a PIN code or pattern?

  • Hey @peri!

    My phone isn't encrypted (if we are speaking about encryption like the SD card encryption feature Android provides) but it has phone pattern protection. I have to unlock it after rebooting (or after locking the phone) in order to use it.

    Moreover, I just noticed my banking app with faulty fingerprint unlock option just has it working again. I don't know if they made an update or if it is just my phone behaving weird.

    Hope it helps.

  • My phone does not have encryption.

    I should note that I have found that all apps that have fingerprint login have it disabled upon reboot, including Paypal and various Bank's apps, usually with a message that "something has changed regarding fingerprint security settings". At this point it's looking like a bug in Android 8.0.0's fingerprint security functions.

  • periperi

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    Hey @Ren. Thanks for the update. Is the Fingerprint Unlock option disabled in 1Password's settings for you? Or are you being prompted for the Master Password, but then able to use Fingerprint Unlock afterward? Also, have you made any changes to Fingerprint Unlock on the device, like adding a new fingerprint?

    @TriangularCube If you're seeing the issue with other apps, it may indeed be a device specific issue. Can you try enabling device encryption and let me know if that helps?

  • Hi @peri !

    I just tested the app to get reproductible steps but can't reproduce the case anymore.

    On the first launch today, I was asked for my master password. Then in the app's settings, fingerprint unlock was disabled and PIN unlock was enabled (although I am sure I did not disabled it myself). I enabled fingerprint feature (which disabled PIN feature) and from here, upon vault unlocking, I am able to use the fingerprint unlocking feature, even after two reboots. I tried using the fingerprint unlock feature with other apps (banking ones) and it works fine, even if I switch back to 1password. So it may not be the rebooting which causes/caused the issue.

    Also I recently had a Android update for my device, it may have fixed the problem if it has an Android one :)

    I will add another feedback in like one or two weeks to let you know if it still works and more information if it happens to get disabled again!

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Thanks for the update, @Ren. I'm glad to hear that everything is working properly for you now. :) Please do let us know if you have further problems.

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