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I have both a Family and a Business account and it would be nice to be able to view all the vaults in each without co-mingling items in the view. Would it be possible to create an option that lets you view just your company and then just your family vaults.

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  • Hi @wavesound, thank you for the feature request. Can I check I'm understanding it correctly :chuffed:

    To be able to view all items for all vaults for a single account (regardless of it's account type, Business/Team/Family/Individual, in addition to the 'All Vaults' functionality we currently have?

    If so, this is something currently available within 1Password for Windows, and I believe intentions are to bring this to other apps in due course. If you're on Windows though, you can select the name of the account from the sidebar to view all items from that account only.

  • I'm currently using 1Password 7.2.4 on the Mac. Is this feature available on the Mac as well?

  • This is not currently available on our Mac App, as I mentioned before we would like to bring this to our other apps like our Mac app, in due course. I dont have word as to when this may be, but it is a handy feature to have and I will pass on your request for this functionality.

  • Yes, please do, this feature is a must!

  • Hearing you loud and clear - and consider it passed on :chuffed:

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