1Password Browser Extension crashes Vivaldi

Hi AgileBits,

I have a problem with using 1Password in combination with the current version 2.2 of the Vivaldi browser for macOS: When the 1Password extension is enabled, Vivaldi crashes whenever I close the last browser tab opened. I have tried to create a new user profile for Vivaldi and also to reinstall both 1Password and Vivaldi, but so far, without success. The crashes come back as soon as I enable the 1Password extension in Vivaldi.

Now, the problem is also referenced in the Vivaldi Community Forum and the OP there said that he already informed the 1Password team about the issue. However, I couldn't find anything related to this problem here in the 1Password Forum.

Avoiding the crash by just quitting the browser is a workaround for now, but this is just so against my ux habits that I really hope this gets fixed soon. Is there anything you can say about the status of this?

Thank you


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    Hi @kaffeeundsalz,

    I too experience the Vivaldi crashes but I'd mostly been ignoring it and hadn't attributed it to anything specific. This is the first reference I've seen so if somebody has attempted to reach out to us then it hasn't crossed my path which is surprising. Not only is my area of focus the extension but I'm also a fan of Vivaldi and that's known by a number of our team.

    Having read the entire thread there are a few things that come to mind.

    1. It isn't a recent change on our side, for a variety of reasons the current stable version of the companion extension is from August of last year. I really need to pull the finger out and work on a new beta.
    2. This is the same extension that is used in Opera, Brave and Chrome. I haven't seen reports from other supported Chromium based browsers.
    3. As best I can tell the extension wasn't causing crashes in Vivaldi until the last stable update.
    4. An extension shouldn't be able to crash a browser.

    I'm a big fan of Vivaldi, I want them to do well and I will happily keep using it as my primary browser so the intent isn't to bash those fine folks but I'm not sure this is our issue to fix.

    (minor edits are just for clarity)

  • Hello @littlebobbytables,

    first of all, thanks for your detailed reply, especially because it at least partially confirms what I had already suspected. The crashes of Vivaldi weren't there from the beginning. They started to occur a while ago, so my guess was that it must have had something to do with an update of either Vivali or the 1Password Browser Extension. As you're saying it's been a while since the last update of the latter, I'd like to agree that it might have something to do with Vivaldi.

    Just to make my point clear: I didn't mean to blame the AgileBits team for a bug that they can't fix. I just thought it might be a good idea to draw your attention to this, since I had hoped somebody could further examine the issue. I sure don't have the technical background to evaluate any crash logs, and so far, 1Password is the only extension for me that causes these problems with Vivaldi.

    If there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know. I'd really love to continue using Vivaldi, but I have since run into these crashes so often that I've switched to Firefox as my primary browser for now.

    All the best

  • Hi @kaffeeundsalz,

    Whether this is something that really needs Vivaldi to fix I am glad to know it's happening. Hopefully things will stabilise as I'm quite used to Vivaldi as my primary browser now and don't have any desire to switch things up :smile:

  • Has anybody got new information regarding this? I've been experiencing these crashes for a while now and I just realized that the issue is the 1Password extension (even if not actually your fault)

  • Hello @Lord_Kamina,

    Nothing to report I'm afraid. I see a new update to Vivaldi was made in the last couple of days but after installing 2.3.1440.41 I was able to get it to crash pretty promptly suggesting no change there. I haven't tried the beta yet as I got distracted by the new stable release.

  • Hi there,
    for me the problem was resolved with the current Vivaldi stable version released this week.
    Vivaldi 2.3.1440.41 (Stable channel) (64-Bit)
    I'm using the 1Password chrome extension in version Version
    Hope this helps and you will resolve you problems soon.

    All the best

  • Greetings @ctreffs,

    I'm glad things seem to be more stable for you and I can only hope others find the same. I've had two crashes so far so I'm not seeing an improvement but honestly, if everybody else reported things were good I'd be okay with that. I would consider it a win if it was just crashing for me :lol:

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    @ctreffs interesting. I've been using the snapshots since forever. Maybe I'll see if the stable fixes it for me.

    Incidentally, there was a topic about it on the Vivaldi forum; I replied and linked this thread also.

  • I'll have to keep a note of this, cheers! Freezing and Crashing Regularly - Possible Culprit

  • Sadly I have to report the problem is recurring again for me.

    • Vivaldi 2.3.1440.48 (Stable channel) (64-Bit)
    • 1Password 7.2.5
    • 1Password Extension
  • Hello @ctreffs,

    It looks like the Vivaldi team are still aware, hopefully there will be some promising news :smile:

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