Multi-page login not working (Chrome on MAC)??

Followed process on this support webpage - and when I get to second login page I have to right click and select 1password to get the password in second login page (according to support link second login page should fill in automatically) - any feedback please?

1Password Version: 7.2.4
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS Mojave 10.14.2 (18C54)
Sync Type: Google


  • Hi @mark10gale,

    The steps I'm seeing show as:

    On the second page, fill the Login item again. 1Password will fill your password and sign you in after you click “Sign in” (or the equivalent).

    The emphasis is mine. With the companion extension you will need to instruct 1Password to fill once per stage and 1Password won't fill automatically.

    1Password X, our standalone extension does some things differently and it can fill the second stage automatically. It has a notion of state and remembers that it only filled the username on the first pass. The companion extension is stateless, it retains no memory or use what happened before to adjust its behaviour, it's also more passive as a result. 1Password X will work equally well on macOS or Windows even though we originally designed it with ChromeOS and Linux in mind, platforms where we don't have a native client. Two caveats regarding 1Password X; it only works with 1Password accounts and its locked/unlocked state is not controlled by 1Password for Mac so one can be locked and the other unlocked. The companion extension skips that because it's only a bridge between the browser and 1Password and all UI (User Interface) interactions are from the application and not the extension. Still, you might prefer the UI and behaviour of 1Password X over the companion extension even with those two areas of note. If you're curious about 1Password X you can learn more about it at Get to know 1Password X.

    If you have any questions about any of that please do let me know.

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