Will 1Password Work With Quicken?

I'm new to 1Password (just getting started) and was wondering if 1Password works or interfaces with the password vault found in the newer versions of Quicken? From what I'm reading about 1Password, it keeps track of you login ID's and passwords to the various sites you visit that require you to login to access information from the site, including sites like financial institutions.

Quicken has a feature in it that allows it to go out and securely log into all of the banks and credit card sites and retrieve account information. It has an internal 'vault' where it keeps all of your account information, including login ID's and passwords for the banks and credit cards you track with Quicken. It also has a password on the 'vault' you must enter if you want to run the retrieval process.

If 1Password doesn't have an interface with Quicken or its 'vault', how would I keep the login ID's and passwords in sync with what is kept in 1Password?


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    Welcome to the forum, Freway01!

    As you surmised, 1Password is designed to work with your web browser to save your login credentials for a given site and (at your request) fill them in when you visit the site again. 1Password for Windows includes an auto-type feature that allows it to work with other (non—browser-based) programs to fill in username, password, and similar credentials.

    There's no API, though, through which another program could get access to your saved data in 1Password and use it to log in to the corresponding web sites. As far as I can tell, that'd be a huge security hole.

    Of course, we never say "never," but I haven't heard of any plan to implement such a feature.

    You can still store your login credentials in Login items or Account items or even in Secure Note items, and you can use the Strong Password Generator built into 1Password to create unguessable passwords that you can then copy from 1Password into Quicken when it needs them.

    I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any related questions.

    Thanks for your interest in 1Password!
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