agilekeychain format encrypts attachments or treats them as metadata?

Dear Fav Secure People To Whom I Entrust My Life's Work,

Are attachments encrypted in an agilekeychain vault? I am on 1Password for Windows, but I feel the question is most useful to the community if answered 'OS-generic.'

Sincerely Grateful and Soon Enough Dead,


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  • I could not find the answer via forum or other online research, however I discovered the answer conclusively for myself. When I uploaded a set of attachments to a 1Password4 agilekeychain I got the following window:

    No worries that it says 'not responding:' I had to throw 13 attachment at it to get it to 'process' long enough for a screen shot.

    So, all set!

    Please close this thread. Thx!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Steve_R: Thanks for getting in touch! I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to respond anyway in case it's of interest to you or anyone else. :)

    Attachments are always fully encrypted. You can verify that by looking at the files inside the AgileKeychain vault folder -- so you don't have to just rely on that message. :glasses: The only things that were not encrypted were overview data (title, URL) for items in the AgileKeychain format, and the newer OPVault format has used an encrypted overview since it was introduced in 2013 or so.

    I'm also definitely familiar with the "Not Responding" message. Glad we've gone with a process model that scales better on modern hardware with the new Windows app. Cheers! :)

  • Brenty,

    Yes, the new opvault is much faster, especially when searching across all those tags!

    I did a deep dive into the multi-platform UI's today, finding all required guidance in your online forums and docs. So, I hopped back on to say once again how very much I appreciate and value 1Password and the team at AgileBits! The more I get into the UX, the better it gets. It shows that you really do **successfully **listen to your market. I know you just hooked into that major awesome Apple deployment about six months ago, and I congratulate you on that again, but is there any chance AgileBits could take over google? How about at least consult with them. They _really _need to learn your method of customer-driven SW!

    Best Regards and continued wishes for continued success to AgileBits!*

    *As I've said elsewhere; the well wishes are sincere, even if they are partly selfishly motivated by the fact that I need you guys around for the long haul!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Steve! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying using 1Password as much as we do making it. :chuffed: I don't think we'll be taking over Google, but while I think we each put a lot into what we're focused on, I think we all still have plenty to learn. We definitely plan on sticking around. Over a decade in, and it feels like we're still just getting started, in the sense that there's still so much we'd like to do to make 1Password better. One day at a time, and always a pleasure. Cheers! <3

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