How do you use 1Password on Android?

Yeah I find it kinda complicated. It doesn't save passwords when I use the Firefox browser. I have to use another browser which I don't want. But anyway for science I tried using the Focus browser of Firefox and it sometimes doesn't save website usernames or email adresses. Moreover when I login and click save password it will always recommend Firefox Focus as name and it won't, again, save the username of websites.

Any workaround? Trying to migrade from another password manager but man, it isn't working as on iOS imo.

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  • Update:

    Autofill works now but I'm still not able to save passwords when logging into a new site. How do I save a password for a site when I LOG IN? I don't want to fill out the stuff manually in the app on Android.

  • periperi

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    Hi @Chippelchen. In order to save Logins, an app or browser will need to support Autofill. While it's supported in Firefox Focus and Firefox Beta, it's not currently supported in the stable build of Firefox or Android. Try installing Firefox Beta for Autofill support now, if you prefer that over FIrefox Focus.

    As to saving, you should be prompted to save a new Login when signing in from a new app or site. Please follow the steps here:

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have more questions.

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