Usability problems when manually merging duplicate entries

This note started as a complaint about not being able to merge app entries with web login entries. Aside from the usual request for merge (don't respond here about that, I've already read the huge thread on that... probably contributed to it at one point even)

My problem is that 1password uses an icon-centric mode for identifying what kind of entry you have. Icons are fine, but you have to have words or a key, or people don't have a way of figuring out what an icon means. Case in point:

Not sure if this image is going to show up. I have done a screen capture of a section of the 1password screen, then obliterated my usernames/passwords, then done a screen capture of the edited image. It better be safe, otherwise somebody may get me to Silver or Gold without my permission :-)

Anyway, I am looking at three entries for my Hilton reward card/number/login. One is a "passwords" entry, I can tell, because it is an icon for a key, and I can look down on the list of icons next to entries in the expanded Categories list in the left pane. I presume these are created anytime I have 1P autogenerate a password. Now that I have done this enough, I should just know better, and instead of letting 1P "fill it in", I should instead cut the autogenerated password out of the field, and paste it in myself twice, then go and manually tell 1P to save the login, and then go back and doublecheck the creation in 1P immediately while I've still got the password in the paste buffer. I get it, this is hard, and you're doing the best you can, and apparently there are no standards commonly followed for account creation, so its not agilebits fault. Soemtimes the Internet just sucks.

The second icon looks like three heads, they are light purple, and if I had not slowed down and spent an hour writing this up, I would not have noticed that their icon matches the "Memberships" category. I rarely use this category, and for some reason I apparently did just a month ago. I'm an idiot, since I'm just making things more difficult for myself.

The third icon looks like a "Hi" on a metal plaque with bolt-holes through the corners. I thought that this represented the web-login, but since I took that screen capture, I could not log into the website, and had to manually cut'n'paste the username and p/w in, and then it promoted the first entry ("Passwords") to what I presume is a web login, because it now has the Hilton Flavicon. So who knows what this third one is.

When I select the third entry, it has the username and password, and underneath it says "website", but does not have a URL stored for the thing, so I think the word "website" is actually the caption for a field that has no value.

OK, so I hope you hand this off to your usability person, because when they read through this, they are immediately going to spot a number of problems this exercise revealed.

First of all, the word CONFLATION. If you don't know what it means, that's OK, I probably didn't learn it until 15 years ago.

You guys are suffering from icon conflation. Your icons represent two different categories of meaning. Sometimes the icon indicates a category of 1P entry, but sometimes, when it is representing a web login, it is actually representing the Flavicon for the website for that weblogin. I gather the plaque/bolt-hole metaphor is probably being used for web logins before you download the flavicon. I don't know how !P was able to create one with the name of the company, but not have a URL for it though.

Secondly, its too late for this opinion to matter, but there are a whole swath of 1P entry categories that in my opinion are the same. Wireless Routers, Memberships, SSNs, Passports, Email Accounts, Reward programs, and Bank accounts. I'm sure by now you understand the mistake. They should have all been one kind of entry, lets call it foo, and when you create a foo, you would pick a sub-category which 1P would nicely provide a template for. Users could even make their own foo sub-categories, and go crazy. But no, instead we have category pollution. I may be missing something, but if I create a bank number or passport entries, there is no special place I can go where 1P will automatically spit it out. These are glorified notes. Worse, when I do create a web login for my bank-account, there is no way to link it to my bank account entry with routing number etc. Ugly.

Anyway, what I am missing is a field on the right pane which identifies what kind of entry we are looking at here. It would not hurt to have the icon next to the logins category in the left pane look more like the plaque/bolt-hole icon you use in the middle and right panes. It also would not hurt to actually use two icons in the right pane. Use the Logins icon from the left pane, and next to it use the flavicon icon fetched off the website.

Thirdly, I would like a new left-pane super-category besides WATCHTOWER, CATEGORIES, TAGS, SMART FOLDERS. This super-category would reduce the number of categories from 14 to the old 5-7 that is the max the human mind can keep in mind at once. It would be a list that had Logins, Credit Cards, Identities, Passwords and I guess "other". (Debatable whether you need to break out anything else, its essentially all Notes and "Stuff that is formatted better than Notes".) In fact I think the Passwords category is stupid as well. This is really a runt login entry which is missing info, or it is a history of all generated passwords. If its the first, then treat it like a login, if its the second, give us a way to look up old generated passwords.

Lastly, does 1Password create new entries for Android App logins? Here when I started writing this days ago, with the title of "Merging password entries for App and website logins", I was convinced that 1Password was recording username/passwords for Android Apps I logged in to using 1Password as the keyboard for. Now I'm really not sure.

BTW, thats why this is under Android, and not Mac. It should really be moved under Mac.

1Password 7
Version 7.2.4 (70204000)
AgileBits Store

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  • ....i gets worse. Just copying over secondary websites with same login for Chevrolet ( and why different domains? beats me!) As soon as I copy the info from the one that has the "pretty" chevy bow-tie flavicon, 1P decided to ditch the flavicon and use "Ch". Why? (Don't answer that.)

  • ...And then I discover a third "Password" entry with a different password. I'm always afraid to delete stuff like this in case I've got the wrong password in the primary. Then a year later I can't figure out why my closet is full of empty coat-hangers like this.

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