Have 1Password fill email, password and OTP

I wanted to login to https://app.bitwala.com/login . The site requires email address, password and a generated one time password. However I can't make 1Password fill all three fields, only email and password.
Does anyone have in idea how I can make 1Password fill all three fields?

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  • Hello @Manaburner,

    As you kindly supplied a URL I did some testing. I found that 1Password 7.2.4 for Mac did only fill the username and password but that 1Password X filled all three fields. We share the filling logic between clients but one can be ahead of another depending on where we are in a particular development cycle, each client having its own. Given the success with 1Password X I believe it will be a case of when they next update the filling logic their behaviour will follow and all three fields will fill from one fill command. Both 1Password 7 for Mac and Windows should be copying the current TOTP code into the operating system clipboard so you can paste into the field which will hopefully act as a reasonable workaround until they catch up to 1Password X.

    If you're using a different version or on a mobile can you let me know what 1Password you have please and I can let you know what applies to that platform/version.

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    Sorry I forgot to mention the version @littlebobbytables . I am using 1Password 6 on Mac and 1Password 7 on Windows. Unfortunately I can't update to 1Password 7 on Mac because I'm locked to OS version 10.11. (old MacBook Pro from 2009)
    I'm also using 1Password 7.2.7 Beta on iOS.

  • Hi @Manaburner,

    So 1Password 6 for Mac should also copy the TOTP code into the clipboard but it isn't receiving updates any more so that's as good as it will get there I'm afraid.

    If though:

    1. You normally use Firefox or Chrome.
    2. You have a 1Password account (opposed to standalone vaults using licences).

    then 1Password X may be an alternative. It's a standalone extension which is why it has the shared filling logic in it and it connects directly to our 1Password server which is why it only works with 1Password accounts. 1Password X isn't available for Safari though which is why it requires either Firefox or a Chromium based browser.

    At the moment I believe you use our companion extension, the one that connects directly to 1Password for Mac/Windows and is most easily identifiable by its version number with the current version being 4.7.3. On the El Capitan Mac you could remove the companion extension and install 1Password X and you can find download links for it on our "Downloads - 1Password" page. You'll find 1Password X just below a set of links for the companion extension. As it is a standalone extension it doesn't lock and unlock along with 1Password for Mac but it could be a reasonable alternative given 1Password 6 is no longer under active development.

    If it isn't an option though hopefully the copy to clipboard, which should be enabled by default, helps.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables I'll try. Thanks for the suggestions

  • If I can be of any further help please let me know @Manaburner :smile:

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