generated, but didn't save?

New user here, working through the kinks of adopting the new system. I just updated an old AOL account I keep around for testing with a password generated in the Chrome Extension. I chose "fill". Without prompt or popup, I perhaps foolishly completed the login and then logged out, presuming that the generated password had been saved.

Was that /not/ a safe presumption?

Only after logging out did I get a prompt to save, and the saved password was /not/ the one issued, it seems, but the original (maybe scraped from chrome's own recollection?)

What did I do wrong? I'm completely locked out now, with no record of the password. it's NOT in the view password history list either. SHouldn't FILL at least populate that, even if it doesn't (strangely) create a login entry when you choose fill?

I'm kind of blown away in not a good way right now.



  • AOL mercifully let me create a new one, and this time I was overboard "save it save it".... And now, after some time, I see that the password history in the extension has some slightly older entries... maybe it's just a delay? That is disconcerting but I'm warming a bit if it's a predictable lag.
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    Welcome to the forums, Mark. I'm sorry that you had some trouble earlier, but I am glad that things are working well now.

    There shouldn't be a lag, though. Are you able to reproduce the issue?

    1. Generate a password by clicking the "Fill" button.
    2. It should show up in the "View password history" section immediately.

    Keep in mind, though, that the password history in the extension only shows logins for the current domain. If you attempted to view it while viewing a page on a different site, it would not be listed.

    You can view the entire list in the main application at any time, though.

    Select View > Generated Passwords from the menu bar if it is not already enabled, then click the section in the sidebar on the left.

    Let me know if you're still having any trouble or if there is a reproducible problem. I'd love to get it resolved if there is. This would be a very serious matter indeed. We take data integrity very seriously.
  • Maybe the history / domain requirement was the issue - makes sense, although the lag was considerable before the domain showed up at all in the extension login list, and took a reboot to show up in the app (mismatch between extension and the app prior to reboot.)

    I'm going to keep using it and will post back if it happens again. Here's hoping it doesn't - you guys take the right approach by providing great CS and responding. I think people like me jumping into this are putting a lot of "eggs in 1basket" - and any fragility can be off-putting. As I get more comfortable with the workflow, my expectations seem met more and more often, so I think that's good.

    Thanks again -
    Mark B
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    I absolutely understand your concerns and want to make sure that you feel comfortable trusting your most important data to 1Password.

    If you have any other trouble at all, please let me know. And if you don't mind performing the simple test above for me, I would really appreciate confirmation that everything is in fact working properly so I can sleep easier. :)

    If the generated password shows up immediately in the extension (while viewing the password history on the same domain), there may be a separate issue with syncing between the extension and the main application.

    If you can provide some specific reproducible steps for the issue, that would really help us get the matter resolved. It may just be a configuration issue on your machine, and I would be glad to help get that sorted out.

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