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I just want to pass along some thanks and feedback regarding the 1Password command-line tool, which was instrumental in moving my organization of ~75 users from LastPass to 1Password.

Previously, the lack of any potential programatic interface meant 1Password was not a good option for us. Happily, though, the CLI beta was far enough along last year that it allowed us to make the switch from LastPass when our subscription was up. The CLI allowed us to programmatically migrate our shared resources from LastPass to 1Password, and it remains useful on a regular basis as an integration with the scripts we use for provisioning user accounts and resources. Thank you for making and publishing this tool!

For what it's worth, here's some feedback I've noted since the migration (that was in August 2018, some of these may have already been addressed):

Feature considerations:
Direct ability to copy items between vaults
Ability to add an item to a user's personal vault
Option to silence output except for errors
Some way to specify a vault or a vault item without having reference the uuid (for example, when both have the same name)
Ability to query groups, group members, and a user's group membership
Ability to query permissions of a vault (and/or a way to have an INFO level message vs an ERROR if the user being added to a vault is already a member of the vault)
Ability to specify vault permissions for a user being added to a vault vs that user getting 'Full access' by default.

Thanks again! I hope this is useful and encourages the continued support of the CLI!

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  • cohixcohix

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    @anddrew Thanks very much for the feedback!! I'm going to save all of your points into our issue tracker so that we can triage them and see what we can address in some upcoming versions.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions/feedback in the future :)

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