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I have been using 1Password for several years now and a while back in anticipation of getting an iPhone, I got 1Password 2.2.1 for iPhone but never used it. (Not sure whether it was free or part of an upgrade deal.)

Now I have an iPhone 4 (iOS 5) and would like to install the latest version of 1P. When I go to the App Store, it says there is no update available.

Could someone please let me know what the upgrade path is?

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    Do you already have the app installed on your device? What version does it say in 1Password > More > Settings > About. Here is my own About screen as an example:


    Is there any data in it? Are you syncing with 1Password for Mac or Windows?

    If you don't have any data in the app, just delete it from your device.

    If you don't have the app installed (or after you deleted it), go to the Updates > Purchased in the App Store app on your device and download the current version of the 1Password app that you previously purchased.

    We sell three different versions of 1Password in the iTunes App Store, so be sure you are getting the version you previously purchased from the "Purchased" section to avoid confusion and an additional charge associated with downloading one of the other apps that you do not already own.
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