1Password 3.9.4 now available

David_ChartierDavid_Chartier 1Password Alumni
edited February 2012 in 1Password 3 – 6 for Mac
Fire up the Mac App Store Updates tab ladies and gentlemen, for 1Password 3.9.4 awaits you. Check out what's new:
  • b]Added[/b support for multiple profiles in Google Chrome browsers and in Firefox. Please note that multiple profiles require newer browser extensions (3.9+).
  • b]Fixed[/b problem where autolock message is repeatedly sent to the extensions every 30 seconds.
  • b]Fixed[/b problem where password strength is shown as very low for strong passwords in some cases.
  • b]Fixed[/b issue with text scrolling while editing long text fields.
  • b]Updated[/b Minor changes to improve integration with the browser extensions.
  • b]Updated[/b translations.
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