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Sometimes I have to share a username/password combination with someone which is not part of my account. It can be a family member, a friend, a customer or some work mate. So far I could only see "Share" option to send passwords as plan via email. Is there a way to generate a one-time use link which I can share with them which has the combination of username/password in plain but with a little bit more security than a plain email?

If that doesn't exist, it would be a great addition. That link can be protected with another password for extra security. So for example when I have to share the password with a friend I can say something like:

Hey here is the password to the service ABC you requested me before. The link only works once and you can open it with this password: ABC123


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    Welcome to the forum, @ajimix! The best way to share data in 1Password is through the use of a 1Password Families or 1Password Business account. This allows for very flexible and secure sharing within the team/family, and it even allows you to invite external guests to the team temporarily, for just such cases where you need to transfer one or more 1Password items to someone who's not a member of your team.

    Outside of that, there is not currently any sort of "one time link" option, as there's really no secure way to do that from within 1Password itself. Your data within 1Password is encrypted by AES256 using your Master Password (and if you have a membership, your Secret Key also) to derive the actual encryption key that en/decrypts your data. You don't want to share your Master Password with anyone else, and they can't read any of your 1Password data without it, unless you export the item in unencrypted format such as .1pif or .csv.

    Different 1Password apps have different options for sharing if you're not using a account; for example, if you're using an Apple device, you can use Messages, which Apple claims to be end-to-end encrypted (start on page 60). If you and your intended recipient are on the same physical WLAN network and are using Apple, you can use AirDrop, which is similarly secure. On other platforms (like Windows), the options are more limited.

  • I have 1password business but I find it quite complicated to invite someone as a guest to my vault just to quickly share one single password with that person... I guess I'll have to keep emailing or sending via whatsapp the single passwords until you find an easier and more secure way to do so.
    Thanks anyway

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    Hey here is the password to the service ABC you requested me before. The link only works once and you can open it with this password: ABC123

    Sharing the link and the password over the same channel (and even in the same message) does not seem very safe to me.

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    Indeed. Unfortunately these are concepts that are at odds. Security and convenience are a balancing act.


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