1password no longer works

I can't download 1password version 7 on to my pc, the chrome extension doesn't work, and 1password 6 desktop app doesn't sync to the website. This product worked well for like a year and has been disgracefully bad ever since. If you don't fix it, I'm just going to go with another service.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • What do you mean by "can't download"? Where do you try to download from?
    Have you signed up for a 1Password subscription or do you have a license?
    Which version of Windows are you running?

    P.S. I hope you have subscribed to this post so you can get a notification. Normally I would @ mention your username, but tbh I find it offensive towards 1Password so I refuse to do that

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @fu1pass - I'm sorry for the trouble it sounds like you're having. :( If you have a 1password.com account, you have access to the latest version of all our apps on all platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS and Android), so you should be able to install whatever version you need, and have it work. You can find the most-recent version of 1Password 7 for Windows at our downloads page. You didn't tell us anything about what kind of setup you have, which makes it difficult to know if there are any issues there. What specific version of Windows are you running, and when did the problems you're having begin? You say 1Password "worked well for a year" - was it only AFTER that year that you signed up for a 1password.com membership? Or have you been a 1password.com member all along?

    If you don't fix it, I'm just going to go with another service.

    We're happy to work with you to fix whatever's wrong, whether that's on our end, or with your setup...but it's impossible without a little more information. "Doesn't work" really gives us nothing to work with. Can you elaborate on what specifically is wrong, what your setup looks like, and what steps you've already taken (and what's not working the way you think it should)? Thanks in advance.

  • fu1passfu1pass
    edited February 7

    Hi Lars,

    Thanks for the quick response. I'm running Windows Home 10.0.17134. I've been a paying 1password member for 2 years, it worked fine the first year but the second year is when the aforementioned problems started. You can see why that might be frustrating given I'm paying 1pass for a service that Google is offering for free and basically once 1pass got my money the product stopped working effectively.

    I'm not able to download version 7 at all, when I try to upgrade from the desktop app, the app just closes without anything happening. When I try to download the new version from the website, it downloads but the .exe file doesn't execute and nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my computer. I don't know a lot about computers so I don't want to mess around too much with changing settings on my own.

  • GregGreg

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    Hi @fu1pass,

    Thank you for the additional info! I found your email on our side and I can see that you have an old version of 1Password 6 that will not update to 1Password 7 automatically. I will send the further instructions via email.


    ref: ZBH-63127-773

  • Thanks everyone, all fixed now!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @fu1pass - on behalf of Greg and myself, you're quite welcome: glad you're back up and running. :)

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