Firefox extension doesn't fill in username/password for

The extension fills in passwords for other sites, so there is likely something unique about this one. I have opened a ticket, but haven't heard anything except the automated "humans are coming" reply several days ago. Anyone have any suggestions?

1Password Version: 6.8.9 (AgileBits store)
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.12.6
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hi @tsimmons,

    I apologise for that. If you're happy for me to do so I'll answer your question here given the reply won't require us to discuss anything sensitive or personal and it isn't in any way about how your Mac is configured so the diagnostic report you thoughtfully sent in will only contain log entries that indicate everything is working.

    So the reason for what you've observed and why it seems to apply only to the sign-in page for Firefox is Mozilla added a security feature to Firefox, when you visit the sign-in page all extensions are disabled from injecting anything into the page. It's probably really aimed at the person who has 20+ extensions installed to do all sorts of hilarious changes to a page without maybe understanding what an extension can see and do when it is installed. If you were to visit the same sign-in page in Chrome or Safari you'd find 1Password would fill because those browsers don't do that.

    Unfortunately it means you'll be limited to copy and paste when accessing the page from within Firefox. Hopefully it isn't one you need to sign into too often.

  • That explains it perfectly! Thanks so much. It is a shame that Firefox is so stupid as to disable one of the greatest security features (a password manager) on their own site. But at least you have cleared up the mystery!

    Thanks again &


  • Greetings @tsimmons,

    It is a shame a useful extension like ours, one that I hope all of our users can trust implicitly is caught up in this but given the breadth of extensions out there I do understand where they're coming from. I've listened to Troy talk about an extension with x users being sold and the original author not realising the buyer had less than pure intentions behind it. A better system could exist but it may take a better brain than mine :lol:

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