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I’ve had 1PW since 2015. I can”t find my Master pw, if I start over will I need to purchase app?

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    @kayaker - if you've been using 1Password in standalone mode and you can't remember your Master Password, then you'll need to start over, yes. But before you do anything drastic like that which will result in data loss, I'd try giving some of the steps in this guide a try.

    You've posted this question in the Memberships forum, so I'll also mention that if you are a member of a 1Password Families or 1Password Teams/1Password Business account, you may be able to have an Administrator or Family Organizer help you recover your account.

    Regarding payment, the only versions of 1Password that are "free" would be the basic versions of both 1Password for iOS and 1Password for Android. Each of those has a $9.99 in-app purchase to unlock the Pro features. And licenses for 1Password 7 for Mac and 1Password 7 for Windows cost $49.99 each, at the current "launch special" pricing, which is a 23% discount off the usual retail price of $64.99. Hope that's helpful! :)

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