Was/Is 1Password 7 even ready for public use

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The amount of features missing from 7 is just plain laughable...you have people asking for features that were in 1password 4 and the Devs saying "oh yes we do mean to implement that in the future"...why was 7 even put on the market when its clearly not finished....its like playing a Pc game in early alpha

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  • I totally agree. I have used 1Password since the beginning, and being a 30 year IT pro - 1P7 is half baked. 1P4 was great!

    Other issues (yes I un-installed 1P4)

    • 1Password 7 won't open without a restart or killing it via the task manager.
    • The chrome addon sometimes won't open or find the vault.
    • Right-click to fill in a password - 1P7 will just freeze.
    • Can't sort favorites the way I want .

    i'm quite fustrated with 1P7!

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    It's here because folks asked for it @res1492, but what features are important is going to be different for everyone and by no means do we expect that everyone is going to be thrilled with it all at once. It's a rebuild, which means it will have several new features, several old features and, yes, some missing features. Getting everything from a years old app into a new one takes time and, at least in my opinion, more time than I'd be willing to ask the folks who want an upgrade to wait. For many, the most important thing was just something new and we wanted them to have that.

    To use myself as an example, All Vaults would have been a big push to upgrade for me. I can't imagine opening vaults individually anymore, but someone who just uses one vault reasonably wouldn't give a hoot. On the other side, I know many cared deeply about the (recently added to 1Password 7) Unlock on Secure Desktop feature. To me, that's just another click or keystroke I don't want to waste. We all have different priorities and one person's must-have is going to be another's meh. We really are all unique, even if that snowflake analogy has lost some of its luster recently.

    We're both pleased with how far 1Password 7 has come since the original alpha and well aware of how far it has to go, but we're not going to hold something back because it's not perfect for everyone yet. I'd much rather see a portion of our 1Password 4 customers have the option to upgrade to a new version that makes them happy while some of y'all hold back than continue to tell all of you that we'll release an upgrade for folks who prefer standalone vaults someday.

    As for your struggles @chrisk1, I deal with exactly none of those. That doesn't mean they're not problems, of course, but it does mean they're almost certainly things we can fix. What we can't do, though, is fix 'em when we haven't had a chance to figure out why they're happening. I'd love to do just that, if you're up for it. If you're interested, I'd like to ask you to create a diagnostics report from your Windows PC:

    Sending Diagnostics Reports (Windows)

    Attach the diagnostics to an email message addressed to [email protected] and include a link to this post in your message.

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number.  For bonus points, post that number here so I can track down the diagnostics and I'll take a peek to see what we can do to help. :+1:

  • Here is the #XSI-92256-347

  • res1492res1492
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    bundtkate "more time than I'd be willing to ask the folks who want an upgrade to wait."

    But its not an UPGRADE if its worst than the version before is it??...stop falling back on "its a rebuild" because that doesn't work either...if its a rebuild then rebuild it to a finished state, as in, to the same "state" as the version before, then add new features, you know, like all other software is released.
    You say ...."I'd much rather see a portion of our 1Password 4 customers have the option to upgrade to a new version that makes them happy"...... I guarantee if you have told that "portion" 1Password 4 customers that the new 1password 7 was a mere skeleton to version 4 there is no way they would have "UPGRADED"....the only reason I did was so I could use the browser extension in chrome.

    I don't understand why you are not getting it...yeah I agree that 1password 7 could and will be great, even better than 4...but why release it as "1password 7 the upgrade" when it's clearly not.."1password the do-over" or "1password starting from the beginning" would have been a more apt name.

    What is annoying me and other customers most I'm presuming is that we trusted 1password to deliver so we/I didn't bother doing the trial, I just uninstalled 4, installed 7, paid and thought nothing of it because the software has never let me down in the past...big mistake.

    Its a shame...hopefully ill check back in down the road and it will be more like 4 with new features

    All the best

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Part of my point, @res1492 is that "better" is relative and wholly subjective to the person making that value judgment. Much of what 1Password 7 became when it was first released was based upon feedback from 1Password 4 users who joined our early alphas and betas and shared their feedback about what was most valuable and important to them. These folks tested free (at the time) versions of 1Password 7 that had even fewer of 1Password 4's features and chose to pay for the finished upgrade knowing exactly what they would be getting. I'm sure some of them also decided to wait based upon that experience. Heck, we even had folks using 1Password 6 in read-only mode (about the most featureless experience I can imagine) because they didn't like 1Password 4. That last population was certainly minuscule compared to the sum total of our customers, but they did exist.

    This isn't meant to invalidate your feelings. They're fair and I can totally understand 1Password 7 didn't meet your expectations, but it's just meant to demonstrate the wide and varied spectrum of folks we have to consider when making decisions like when to release a new version. Certainly there are those who agree with your thoughts about 1Password 7, but I promise there are also those who don't (and those somewhere in between). There's a line somewhere on that spectrum (and I don't know that I can point to it per se) where folks in front of it want more and folks behind it are happy. How many folks need to be behind that line before releasing a new version is warranted? I'd argue it doesn't need to be many at all so long as we're transparent about what that version offers, but you may feel differently and that's understandable. There are many different philosophies about these things and it's hard to say who is genuinely right. Ours has long been to get new things to our customers as soon as we can, even if it means only some of those customers will want it right away, but that may not be a philosophy everyone (or even all of our customers) appreciates or shares. We all have our own reasons for how we believe things should be done and we won't always agree.

    On the subject of transparency, I don't feel as though we've been opaque about what is and isn't available in 1Password 7. This forum has numerous threads and comments discussing features folks miss and myriad acknowledgements from the team that these aren't available yet. Our release notes are publicly available for every version of 1Password 7 and 1Password 6 before it (and 1Password 4 before that, too). And, as you mentioned, you have the option to take a free trial to test things out if you want. I know there are many ways folks may have been unaware of this, too. Not everyone reads release notes, not everyone is on the forum, and not everyone subscribes to our newsletter. Because we don't track every person who uses 1Password and how, our options for outreach are a bit limited. We have no way to e-mail all of you and invite each of you to ask questions or give 1Password 7 a try early on. I'm sure it would have helped y'all better understand what you get with 1Password 7 if we could, but that wouldn't be possible while staying true to our commitment to your privacy. As a result, this is a case where I can only apologize if you felt you were uninformed and assure you it wasn't our intent to mislead.

    As always, upgrading is your choice and that choice doesn't end simply because you made your purchase. It's okay to feel you've made a mistake, even if it makes me sad you feel that way. I certainly wouldn't expect you to upgrade if you don't feel 1Password 7 yet meets your needs. Our goal isn't and will never be to ask you to pay for an upgrade that you don't view as such. Even with Chrome 72, you have the option to disable the security check for browser code signatures if you'd like to continue using 1Password 4, with the standard caveat that this is a global setting and you do at your own risk. I'd also be more than happy to refund your purchase of 1Password 7 if you'd like go that route. It's up to you and we certainly will continue to work to make 1Password 7 a better option for you and I hope if you do decide to go back you'll give it another look down the road. I absolutely agree it can be great for everyone one day and that's what we're always working towards.

    I appreciate that you are passionate about 1Password. We all have other things to do and you'd not take the time to share this feedback if you didn't appreciate 1Password and really want it to be better. That means a lot to us and it doesn't go unnoticed. We're a small team working on big things, which may mean we're not as speedy as y'all may like at times, but we're looking to grow (if you know anyone you think would help make 1Password better faster, send them our way) and are always listening to your feedback. It informs every single thing we do and we appreciate every little bit of help y'all give us by taking the time to express your concerns. I also noticed you've been helping other customer upgrade, which is particular kind given your feelings. Ultimately, we all have the same goal – to make 1Password a useful, helpful, and (hopefully) indispensable tool for making your life online safer and simpler. We don't need to agree to achieve that. It will take all sorts to make 1Password the best it can be for everyone and even disagreeing helps us get there. :chuffed:

  • Big huge pile of respect back at ya!!!!

    I'm going to give it a week or so and see if it grows on me...i know i ranted but ATM its doing what i need it to...i fully support you so wouldn't dream of asking for a refund even if i don't decide to stay....Thank you anyway!!!

    sincerely res1492

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    @res1492: On behalf of Kate you are very welcome! We really appreciate your feedback, so please let us know if you bump into any questions or difficulties. We are here to help.

    @chrisk1: I have found your report on our side. We will take a closer look at it and get back to you via email asap. Thank you! :+1:


    ref: XSI-92256-347

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