Can I change the email address I used to sign up for 1 Password and more..

Hello everyone,
The email address I used to sign up for 1 Password no longer exists. Is this a Problem? How do I change my primary address for 1 Password?
As I purchased 1 Password through The App Store, do I have a Secret Key? I get asked for it when I sign into the website.
Thanks in advance

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  • Hello @Mosca640,

    You can change the email address on your account from the Profile page on

    Sign into (which you will need your secret key to do), then once you are logged in click on your name in the top left and select "My Profile". On the profile page you will see the "change email" option on the left side.

    You can find your secret key in the 1Password app by following the iOS instructions on this page:

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Hi, Thanks for your response. I attempted to get my secret key using the App on my iPhone X. I followed the instructions but when I go to 1 Password Accounts it asks me to sign in to my account! "If you have a 1Password Account, you can add it here". ? Can you shed any light on what is happening?

  • Hello again,

    When you signed up for 1Password you would've been prompted to save an Emergency Kit PDF file. If you still have that file you can find your secret key there.

    At the moment you don't have access to the account through any of the 1Password apps? Were you able to sign into the account before?

  • Hi, Yes I have signed in before however, it was some time back. I mainly use 1Password on my iPhone, MacBook Pro and iMac desktop. I have the browser plugins. Can I use them to find my Secret Key?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    You can, yes. On your iPhone open 1Password > Settings > 1Password accounts > your account > Reveal Your Secret Key. Alternatively on one of your Macs open 1Password > Preferences > Accounts > your account. The first portion of your Secret Key will be shown there. Hover the mouse over it to reveal a button to the right of it. Selecting the arrow on that button will give you an option to copy, reveal, or show in large type.

    Further instructions can be found in the guide jin_dhaliwal mentioned above.

    Once you get signed in I'd highly recommend printing your Emergency Kit. Instructions on that can be found here:

    Get to know your Emergency Kit


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