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My MacBook crashed and I had to get new motherboard then erase the disc and start over. So I lost everything. I reinstalled 1password buy it doesn't recognise the keychain file in my dropbox. So I followed the instructions and creating a standalone vault but then it asks for license. I browsed to the licence I have backed up and it doesn't recognise that either. Is this because you're making me purchase a new license? Do I really have to pay another AUD$79 for a new licence to access my passwords?? Is there no upgrade pricing for your loyal customers? I didn't even want to upgrade but I had no choice. Please help me with this ASAP. I have no access to my banking or anything and have already wasted hours trying to figure this out.

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    @asukulu - I'm sorry for the trouble! I see you've asked this same question of our email support team as well. We answer user requests/issues in the order we receive them, and lately we've been experiencing a surge of support requests. One of us will be with you shortly via email; let's keep the conversation going that way instead of in multiple places at once. Thanks for your patience.

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