Credit Card Autofill not working for Intuit Quickbooks Invoices

Quickbooks online invoices with a pay button: 1PW autofill leaves the card number field blank, and seems to put part of the card number in the zip code field and cvv field.

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  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi there, @AirKevin! :smile:

    Thanks for your report. Since I'm not a Quickbooks user, I'd like to ask you for some help before I dig into this. How do I get to online invoices with a pay button? Could you give me an exact URL, or steps on how to get to that particular page? It's ok if not, but it would save me a lot of time. :smile:

  • It has to be emailed to you from a Quickbooks Online user. The email will have an invoice with a big pay now button that leads you to a dedicated URL for that specific invoice on the Intuit site. The URL I would give you doesn't exist anymore since it has been paid. You'll have to work with someone who can email one of these invoices.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for letting me know, @AirKevin. I'll create a trial account and test this out, but it might be a few days before I get to it. I'll update this thread as soon as I make progress. :smile:

  • I'm still seeing this bug.

    The generated HTML looks something like this. The class names for the input elements seem pretty sensible (creditCardNumber, expirationMonth, expirationYear, cvc, billingZipCode, cardholderName).

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

    Team Member

    Hi @mjec! Can you give me more insight into the setup you're running? Which version of 1Password are you running? Are you using the desktop app-dependent extension, or are you using 1Password X? What flavor of QuickBooks are you using, and what's the main URL portion of the site you try to fill on after you click on an invoice?

    I ask for all these details because I sent myself a test invoice using QuickBooks Self-Employed, and I was able to fill a card successfully on with both 1Password X and 1Password 7 + the standard 1Password extension.

  • Great questions @ag_mcarlyle!

    I'm seeing this on$longstring?cta=viewinvoicenow&locale=en_US.

    I'm using 1Password standalone Version 7.3.1.BETA-0 (70301000) on macOS Mojave (10.14.4) with Chome 74.0.3729.169 and 1Password extension version

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    Just to be sure, the form you're seeing looks like this, right?

    A few things you could try…it looks like your Chrome version is a little out of date, so you could update just to be sure (I don't see any reason why that would be an issue here, but might as well knock that step out). Also, have you tried using different credit card items? Could you try creating a new credit card item from scratch and filling with that? One final thing, any other extensions that may somehow be interfering with the page's contents? It'd be great if you could temporarily try this with no other running extensions, just to be sure.

    The only thing I'm not seeing fill successfully is the ZIP code, and that's because my credit card doesn't have a ZIP code in its item. :smile:

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