Is there any way to get 1Password to distinguish between two similar logins for a site?

rnb2rnb2 Junior Member

I've been having this problem for a while and finally decided to ask about it.

I have a few sites where I have (effectively) multiple logins. For instance, I have my regular personal email on Gmail, and I also have a work email that is set up through GSuite (or whatever they're calling it this week - it was set up many years and names ago). Since both are effectively Gmail accounts, I can understand there being some difficulty in distinguishing between them, but I didn't use to have a problem. These days (and I think it's just since I upgraded to v7), 1Password always picks the wrong account when I try to fill the password for either account via the keyboard shortcut. I can always tell because, when the correct account is used, 1Password copies the 2-factor code to the clipboard (and puts up a notification to that effect), but doesn't when it picks the wrong account.

Similarly, I have both my and my wife's Apple accounts saved in 1Password, with mine marked as a favorite. Unfortunately, when confronted with an Apple account login, 1Password always picks her account by default - not at all what I prefer.

Is there some way to get 1Password pointed in the right direction in cases like this? Some bit of setup I'm missing?

1Password Version: 7.2.4
Extension Version: 7.2.4
OS Version: macOS 10.14.3
Sync Type: iCloud


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @rnb2 - how are you accessing these accounts in 1Password? You mentioned via the keyboard shortcut, but are you opening the page first in your browser and then using ⌘\ or are something else? If you have more than one account for a given site, 1Password should never just "pick one" for you -- you should always be offered a choice -- indeed, you should be forced to choose which one you want, because 1Password can't know your intentions. I'd review the URLs you have saved for these accounts in 1Password and compare them to the actual URLs you're visiting. If I'm misunderstanding what you're experiencing, can you clarify for me? Thanks. :)

  • rnb2rnb2 Junior Member

    Lars - I'm going to the site in Safari, then using ⌘\ to fill the password. In the case of the Google logins, if you have (effectively) two Gmail accounts and both are logged out, you have a page at that lists both - you click on one and it presents you with the login page for that account. Unfortunately, the actual URL for both is identical, and when I hit ⌘\ to enter the password, 1Password is picking the wrong account every time. I'm not offered a choice when I hit ⌘.

    The same thing happened the other night when I had to generate a password for an app in my Apple account - when presented with a login at, ⌘\ picked my wife's account to fill instead of mine, and did not offer a choice. I've just tested this again, and it is now working as you describe - it opened the Safari extension and correctly picked my account as the most likely correct option (with my wife's account listed in the Related section), but didn't auto-fill anything without my input. The issue I encountered the other night may have been the first time I went to the Apple accounts site since I freshly installed macOS and all of my applications last week, so perhaps it was just a first run issue on this one.

    Just to be sure nothing had changed with my Google logins, I just tried them again and still get the the same problem. Whichever account I pick to log into from, if I hit ⌘\, 1Password auto-fills the wrong password and does not offer a choice. However, I went into both accounts in 1Password, and I think I found the issue: my Gmail account was associated with the generic URL, and my GSuite account was associated with[mybusinessname].com/. Both of these were set up many years ago, and I had not experienced issues with them in earlier versions of 1Password. In 1Password 7, it was not falling back on offering me a choice of which one to fill when presented with the URL, and was somehow always picking the wrong option. I added as a 2nd URL associated with each account, and now I am offered a choice of which to use when I hit ⌘.

    So, long story short, I think my issue is resolved as well as it can be, but there might be some underlying issues with how 1Password 7 is parsing "historical" URLs and trying to match them with similar URLs, and is sometimes making odd choices when presented with ambiguous matches. I thought there used to be a checkbox in 1Password preferences for handling of ambiguous matches, but couldn't find anything in 1Password 7 to test if it made a difference.


  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    my Gmail account was associated with the generic URL, and my GSuite account was associated with[mybusinessname].com/.

    That will definitely be the case with your two Google accounts; the logic in 1Password will prefer an exact match, then favorites, and a few other things, before disallowing any other sites you might consider matches if they're too dissimilar. Glad you got that one sorted out. With regard to Apple, I can't say what might have happened, if it happened only once and you can't reproduce it. But here again, it's worth making sure the sign-in URLs are identical and up-to-date. If they are, you should always be offered a choice. Let us know if you run into any other oddness or have any questions. Cheers! :)

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