Sometimes no Copy button for password

Sometimes the Copy button behind a password is missing in the macOS version.

If I then first tap another entry and after that return to the current entry the Copy button is back.

1Password Version: 7.2.4 (70204000)
Extension Version: -
OS Version: macOS X High Sierra 10.13.6
Sync Type:


  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @XIII - yep, we're aware of this intermittent issue, and working to figure out what's causing it. I'm glad you found a work-around; for now, that's unfortunately the best I can offer you, since we don't (yet) have a code-based solution for it. Thanks for your patience with us as we continue to work toward one.

  • Good to know it’s already on the list.

    Good luck solving it.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

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