Credit card never fills iOS and MacOS

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
as well as iOS 12.1.4, iPad mini 4
as well as iOS 12.1.4, iPhone SE

Logins are fine, but credit card never works!

I have one card; system Autofill for iOS is off and 1P is on.

Tested with both Safari and Firefox

Sample URLs that fail:


On Mac: Cursor in credit card field, command-backslash doesn’t autofill

On iOS: Cursor in credit card number field
System doesn't recognize as credit card number, e.g., offers neith the 1Password nor the "Scan Credit Card"
Fill in offers "Scan Credit Card" — how do I change this to get access to 1P?

1Password Version: MacOS 7.2.4 (70204001); ios 7.2.7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type:
Referrer: forum-search:credit card


  • Hello @Jesse_the_K,

    So on the Mac I wonder if the issue is the use of the keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut ⌘\ only considers Login items when filling so the fact that no fields filled is the result of 1Password not finding anything that it liked as a username or password field. To fill with a Credit Card or Identity item you would need to first access 1Password mini which you can either do using the keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘\ or clicking the 1Password button in the browser toolbar. From there you would need to select the Credit Card or Identity item to fill with. If you try this do you find the fields fill on the Mac? A good one to test with would be with Kobo because I have an account myself and I know that we fill both the checkout payment fields and the payment information tab in the profile page when I try it myself. I don't have an account at so will have to create one first if we need to explore that site.

    Sticking with Kobo for the moment I can tell from viewing how the page is designed on my Mac that we won't fill there on an iOS device. On Mac and Windows using the assistance of the browser we can interact with something known as iframes, a way of loading a page inside a page, invisible to you and I as the user. Kobo have separate iframes for each field relating to the actual card details so while I can fill on the Mac I would expect it to fail completely on an iOS device. Sadly there we will be limited to copy and paste.

    To fill with a Credit Card item on an iOS device you would need to use our 1Password iOS extension and we cover the hows on our support page Use the 1Password extension to fill in Safari and apps on your iPhone and iPad. If you have an Amazon account that can be a good place to test to see what to expect as I use Amazon for a lot of my testing. If you navigate to the add payment details page in Amazon and then try to fill with a Credit Card item you should find the fields fill.

    If you can reproduce filling for Kobo on the Mac can you then see what you find with If things still aren't filling I'll need to create a test account and we'll take it from there. If you find it does fill but still nothing on iOS we might be looking at iframes again and I can look to confirm if we're suspecting that.

  • Thanks for your speedy reply, @littlebobbytables

    The keyboard shortcut ⌘\ only considers Login items when filling so the fact that no fields filled is the result of 1Password not finding anything that it liked as a username or password field.

    WOW! I've been using 1P for eight years and somehow have missed that fact. Yes! invoking Mini with ⌥⌘\ on the Mac works for both Kobo & Sierra. (BTW, Sierra permits checking out with a guest account, so it's a nice site to test with).

    I'm sad that iOS 1P requires me to use the share extension, and happy that at least we have share extensions now. Filling in identity works on iOS, but not the credit card. At Amazon, 1P fills in my name, expiry date, and CVV, but not the card number. ????

  • Hello @Jesse_the_K,

    Not the card number eh, now that is odd especially if you're seeing the card number filling in other places when using the same Credit Card item. Just as a sanity check I just tried filling using 1Password for iOS on my iPhone, that way I know I'm testing the stable version everybody will be using. It filled the card number for me.

    It could be at some future point iOS 12's AutoFill will allow us to fill Credit Card and Identity items as well but for now it's just Login items. It's a nice feature though and I must admit I tend to use the AutoFill for sign-in forms even though I have always liked our iOS extension. It's not quite as easy as it is on the Mac or Windows with the keyboard shortcuts or the always easily clickable button but given before we got iOS extensions in iOS 8 we couldn't interact with iOS safari at all it's a definite improvement.

  • Is there a generic sort of "clean the tubes" / "zap the PRAM" worth trying to make 1P generally happy? I did just update to 12.1.4 so I've recently restarted.

  • Hi @Jesse_the_K,

    We have certain troubleshooting steps but most of those are when there's a general issue in launching 1Password, they rarely help with filling issues that are quite specific in nature. What makes this one odd is you've reported it isn't filling on Amazon but you didn't mention others. If it had been the card number not filling anywhere I would have wondered if there was something unique about this Credit Card item but this...

    I can't see how we will see any difference, not given the success you had with Kobo and Sierra on the Mac but if you create an entirely new Credit Card item do you see any difference if you try filling on Amazon on the iOS device? For the test item it doesn't matter if the details are real are not, really all we're looking to learn is if the same fields aren't filled or not. I imagine you are already running the latest version of 1Password for iOS given how iOS really "encourages" you to update but can you check to see what version of 1Password for iOS you have please. In 1Password you can find it in the Settings tab in text between the menu options Review 1Password and Advanced at the bottom of the Settings tab. The current version is 7.2.7 and I expect that's what you find even though it will only puzzle me further as to why we're not seeing similar results.

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