1Password 4 - Chrome extension not opening on click

So since a few days my chrome extension is no longer working.
When I click on it, nothing happens.

I have tried moving the OPX4 file but that does not seem to help at all.
Any help with this is appreciated!

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: WINDOWS 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Same issue. Following troubleshooting has been attempted:

    1. uninstall and reinstall extension
    2. uninstall and reinstall chrome

    I have 1Password on Mac and Windows, this is only happening on Windows. I do notice that the graphics in the 1Password Chrome extension are different on Mac than before

    1Password Version:
    Extension Version:
    OS: Windows 10
    Sync Type: Dropbox

  • I read something about Chrome's handshake being changed and 1Password not willing to update the extension or the old version to fit this new handshake. I do not want to go into a subscription styled payment method... This is really sad though, I've been happy with 1Password for years now and this forces me into paying on a monthly basis. I guess I will just search for another password manager instead.

  • So this is a new issue and no longer supported?

  • Same is happening to me.. anyone out there have a solution?

  • Me too! 1Password icon just flashes but no password box appears. At a website requiring login (already saved in 1Password) no context menu appears. Thought it might be Malwarebytes upgrade but uninstalled this (as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the extension itself) and still not working.

  • Yep, me too. Seems to be since I upgraded to a new version of Chrome yesterday.

  • Yeah I think they just no longer support the new Chrome handshake.

    I found this quote: "1Password 4 for Windows is no longer under active development and will not be receiving an update to address the code signature change in Chrome" - https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/101281/chrome-extension-stopped-working

    On the forum here... goddamned.

    Guess I'll just switch managers. EnPass has an "Import from 1Password" option a friend told me. I am extremely sad about this though, I loved this application.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi there, @Tikkes, @jrchittum, @drewbyty, @Jon_D, @mrgodber, and @timhall! :)

    I'd like to clarify a few things which might help you decide what to do next.

    As you already mentioned, Google recently updated Chrome's signing certificate starting with Chrome 72, which means 1Password 4 can no longer recognize it. We will not be updating 1Password 4 to address this.

    Having said that, we're happy to continue helping folks out with 1Password 4 and totally understand that not everyone will want to upgrade to a 1Password subscription. However, we need to keep looking forward from a development perspective and can't be updating a very old app whenever a browser updates their code signature . There will come various points as 1Password 4 ages where certain things will just stop working as the world changes around it, but many other browsers like Firefox will still work. If you'd like to stick with 1Password 4, you still have options for saving and filling in your web browser, but Chrome 72+ will only work with 1Password 7.

    If you can't stand the idea of a subscription, we do still offer standalone 1Password 7 licenses.

    Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. :smile:

  • @ag_sebastian Where can I find this offer for the standalone? I cannot seem to find it anywhere on the website as an option.

  • timhalltimhall
    edited February 2019

    @ag_sebastian Yes, I also can't find the standalone option. Plus, one more question - with 1Password 7, can I still have a local vault?

  • Hello @Tikkes,

    You won't find the ability to purchase a licence for 1Password 7 for Mac/Windows promoted as we do believe the best option for the majority of our users is the 1Password account offering. The only reference you'll find to a licence is on our Upgrade to 1Password 7 for Windows page which briefly mentions the two options as well as steps for how to migrate your data from 1Password 4 for Windows either into a 1Password account or a standalone vault.

    The ability to purchase a 1Password 7 licence is handled inside of the application itself although 1Password 7 for Windows will eventually send you to a web page (it's handled internally in 1Password for Mac). Whilst the 1Password account does take centre stage the screen will have a link for those that do not wish a 1Password account. Roughly speaking the steps are:

    1. After launching 1Password 7 for the first time select the option titled Sync using folder to create a standalone vault.
    2. In the splash screen that appears after setup click the Need a licence? We have those too. link.
    3. Select the Buy Licence option.

    The normal price is $64.99 USD and that price does not include any country or state specific taxes. I think that covers what you're looking for, please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • some major points to consider:

    1. There are people on corporate licenses that are required to use the desktop application, and cannot use the cloud. This is a major thing to remember as your corporate partners will begin searching for alternatives if you make this process difficult
    2. My corporate license is, apparently, for 1Pass 4 for windows and 1Pass 6 for Apple. I'll reach out to our corporate team to see if they will be updating the license due to these breaks
    3. Please point me to the official release related to this issue so I can pass it on to our corporate IT division.
  • Greetings @jrchittum,

    I think the best move would be to have somebody reach out to us on [email protected]. That way somebody well versed in the business side can ensure anything covered is accurate.

  • I'd like to point out that this stance is completely unacceptable. You cannot sell a license for a software and then remove functionality later. You need to upgrade 1password 4 licenses or retain functionality for the original version licensed. At the very least, because you're hell-bent on extracting as much money as possible from people who are already paying customers, you need to give 1password 4 license holders some kind of upgrade discount.

  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @Justinus! Welcome to the forum!

    You cannot sell a license for a software and then remove functionality later.

    Every feature in 1Password 4 is still there, and we did not remove functionality. In this specific case it's an update to Chrome which made changes so that the extension won't work with this browser anymore (and as proof that the browser extension feature was not removed, it does work with other browser which didn't make this change).

    You can always revert to a version of Chrome before 72 if you want to work around this Google change. Indeed, this is caused by keeping Chrome up-to-date while not updating 1Password. Generally speaking, it's good to either keep everything updated, or nothing, at least for compatibility reasons (not for security reasons obviously, where keeping everything updated is definitely the way to go).

    you need to give 1password 4 license holders some kind of upgrade discount.

    We do :) We are still offering our launch special pricing of $49.99USD for a standalone license, at more than 20% off.

  • Hi @ag_ana need some help:

    I followed the steps here: https://support.1password.com/upgrade-windows/
    If you’re upgrading from 1Password 4

    The program never asked me which vault to import but somehow already pointed to my previous vault from V4.
    Furthermore I never saw the "Subscribe Today" or the "Need a license?" links.

    Right now the program is pointed to my dropbox but asking me to reauthenticate and sign in with my secret key which I dont have as I dont have a 1pasword membership to log into.

    Long story short - Im upgrading from 4, and looking for the $49.99 option

  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @BeatsWelling - I can't be entirely sure from just your description, but if you've got 1Password 7 for Windows installed and only standalone vaults (i.e. - no 1password.com account), then your data should be in Read Only mode. You'll be able to verify this because there will be a badge in all your items in the main 1Password window that says "Read Only" at the top right. Click it, and you'll be taken to the Purchase Options window where you'll have the option to purchase a standalone license for version 7:

    Hope that's helpful! :)

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