Extension size in chrome

Is there a way to see more of the extension window or making the text smaller so I can see the whole field?
I have to move the window to get to settings or fill.

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  • I have removed and reinstalled multiple time
    Version 1.14
    Chrome 72.0.3626.109

  • 5120 x 1440

  • Changed resolution and unplugged one monitor. no change

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

    Team Member

    How strange! I haven't seen this issue for a very long time.

    If I recall correctly, last time this happened it was related to the popup somehow inheriting a zoom level from somewhere. 🤔

    I asked around and @DaltonD mentioned that this can happen when using multiple monitors that have different DPI settings. Does that fit your situation?


  • both monitors are the same res and it happens when using one. Chrome is not zoomed in and when I did zoom nothing changed.

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi @avspinball,

    Which OS are you using? I'm also wondering whether you're using any kind of scaling, considering that the monitors have such a high resolution. If you are using scaling, I'd like to ask you to scale down, restart your computer and see if that changes anything.

  • I'm Win 10 pro 64 1803
    No scaling, at 100% on windows & chrome, nothing zoomed in.

  • I also use Vivaldi and it shows perfectly

  • Just installed on firefox and also good

  • beyerbeyer

    Team Member

    @avspinball: Interesting! Using the browser you see the issue in, can you please try creating a new Chrome profile, installing 1Password X, and adding your 1Password account?

    Based on everything I've read here I suspect there must be something in your profile causing this. From the screenshot, you provided it looks like you may be using a custom theme, but this would be the first time I've seen something like that create issues for 1Password X.

    Let me know if that works and if you do have something conflicting with 1Password X I'd love to know so we can try to prevent it from causing issues for other users.



  • I found that if I change the default zoom this happens. I switch between 100 & 150 depending on how I sit in front of my computer. Just changing the zoom does nothing. If I change the default and restart chrome this happens.
    So Is there a way to re scale the app while in zoom mode?

  • beyerbeyer

    Team Member

    Hey @avspinball,

    I was able to recreate the zoom problem you see when I switched the default zoom in Chrome. Thanks for the clear instructions, I'm not sure I've ever seen that before. :blush: I've gone ahead and opened an issue (#816) on your behalf so we can take a more in-depth look and better handle when someone has changed their default zoom level. In the meantime, if you do set Chrome to default to 150% zoom, you can set the zoom level of 1Password back to 100% by opening the Settings page and hitting Ctrl + 0. This will set both the Settings page and the 1Password X popup to its default zoom level.

    Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.



  • Thanks that fixed it.

  • beyerbeyer

    Team Member


  • This just started happening again. Once I can get to settings and hit Ctrl+0 I can change it to 100 but it does not work anymore. The extension stays at 150% even if I change chrome default to 100%. Also after trying this a few time (restarts included) I can no longer bring up the zoom setting by pressing ctrl+0, nothing happens.
    Pretty frustrating.

  • I figured out that ctrl+ or ctrl- will change the zoom but it has no affect on the extension. Still looks just like the photo in the first post above.

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Thanks for reaching back out, @avspinball, and I'm sorry to hear that the same issue has crept up again. I've only see this when Chrome's default zoom is set to 150%. I know we had suggested this before, but I'm curious if you're seeing the same behavior in a fresh Chrome profile. You mentioned that restarts were included – does that mean a restart of Chrome or your entire computer, or perhaps both? Let me know!

  • Both and I reset the default chrome zoom to 100%

  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    @avspinball – Did you get a chance to create a fresh Chrome profile and install 1Password X there? If so, how did it behave?

  • Yes. But it only scales down based on chromes setting. So if I increase zoom in chrome the extension also increases. I'm still unable to lower the zoom on the extension itself.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    That's correct. Content in Chrome is handled by the browser's display settings. You can easily reset it at any time using Ctrl 0 though, and use Ctrl - and Ctrl + to adjust it on the fly as desired. :)

  • So, since February I have been using chrome at 150% and the extension at 100%. Now you are saying that was wrong? In the extension settings I can make it 25% but once I go back to chrome it will only display at what chrome is set to. No more changing them to separate zooms. When I reset, ctrl 0 it will go to what chrome is set at.
    My monitors are far away and I need the 150%. But when the extension is 150% I cannot see the right side. In fact the sliders do not even work when trying to slide them over. I mean the slider moves but the info does not.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @avspinball: I've said nothing of the kind, because this is the first I'm hearing of it from you. :) I can't get it to work that way though. Perhaps there's a bug in Chrome. I can't get it to treat any content differently with regard to display scaling here though. When I change it in any tab/window, it changes it for all of them, and extensions with Chrome drawing their UI as well. Were you perhaps using the 1Password desktop extension previously? Since that's all handled by the desktop app, its UI is completely separate from the browser.

  • I'm using 1password X on all my browsers. This is strange as its been working perfectly since this happened in Feb. I apologize but I'm walking out the door for a couple of weeks and will check back.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    I am also unable to reproduce this. I change Chrome to 150% or even 200% zoom, and the 1Password X extension is not affected by it, keeping all the content visible without having to scroll.
    I've tested it on Windows 10, Chrome 76, 1Password 1.15.6

    When you are back, feel free to do some more tests, remove 1Password X completely and reinstall it, clear Chrome's cache etc.
    If you can provide us with a step-by-step instructions on how to replicate this on our side, we will be able to file it as a bug.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @Yaron: Ut oh. That actually sounds like it's working differently for you than it is for me. :lol:

    For clarity, this is what I'm doing and what's happening:

    1. Use Ctrl + or Ctrl - to change the content scaling in Chrome
    2. Webpage and 1Password X display both change based on the scaling I've done
    3. Use Ctrl 0 to reset the scaling in Chrome
    4. Webpage and 1Password X both return to default (100%) scaling

    But that's on Windows, and it occurred to me I hadn't tried it on macOS for a while, so I did...

    And Chrome seems to do things differently there:

    1. Use ⌘ + or ⌘ - to change the content scaling in Chrome
    2. Webpage display is changed based on the scaling I've done, but 1Password X is unchanged
    3. Use ⌘ 0 to reset the scaling in Chrome
    4. Webpage and 1Password X are both at the default (100%) scaling

    I'm not sure why this would be different, or if/what we can do about it, but I've filed an issue to investigate further.

    ref: x/b5x#1402

    It may be helpful to know if either of you are changing the display scaling using a different method than the keyboard shortcuts.

    @avspinball: I suspect that maybe it will work "as expected" for you if you change and then reset it. Maybe something has changed in Chrome, and some of its settings migrated poorly. I'm not sure that we have any way to control content scaling in Chrome (or should), but we'll look into it. Enjoy your time away! We'll be here. :)

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