Keychain sync via a QNAP NAS

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Hi all,

I am an existing customer of 1P4 and i have not decided yet about upgrading, as i would like to retain complete control over my data.

Eitherway (upgrade or not) i am keen to keep my keychain files away from the cloud and would like to use my QNAP NAS. I know there have been issues syncing across a network share, but i have mine setup to Sync specific folders from each device back and forth from the NAS. I haven't yet tried this with 1P4 but i believe it's possible using a local vault store in a synced folder.

What are my options? If i upgrade, will i still have this functionality in 1P7?

Thanks for your input

P.s. out of curiousity, what functionality would i lose by opting out of your 1password cloud.

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OS Version: Win 10x64
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    Welcome to the forum, @disturbedPixel! Using Folder Sync to a NAS is specifically not recommended because of the possibility of sync errors that we can't fix or even diagnose, often, depending on the specifics of your NAS and other network possibilities.

    There are quite a number of the newer features of 1Password that are only available to members, not because we're trying to keep them away from standalone users, but because they aren't possible when using 3rd party sync or local sync. Individual item history, travel mode, even the Secret Key itself, all are possible only within the context of accounts.

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