Fingerprint Unlock on Lockdown / Reboot

I'm curious about why 1Password for Android behaves differently with respect to fingerprint unlock than 1Password for Windows and iOS.

In Windows (with Windows Hello) and iOS (with Fingerprint or Face Unlock), you have to type in your Master Password every time the device is restarted. In the case of iOS, I think the same is true if you hit the emergency combination (pressing the power button five times on older iPhones) though I can't remember for sure.

In Android (Google Pixel 3 running 1Password 7.1.1 on Android 9), rebooting the device or triggering the Lockdown mode does not force the Master Password to be re-entered. Is there a reason for this difference in behavior?

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  • mverdemverde

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    Thanks for reaching out to us with your question @GuilhermePS! As you've noted, there are some differences between the different 1Password apps as to when the Master Password is required over biometrics. These result from a combination of differences in the host platforms and feature availability in each of the 1Password apps.

    In the case of Windows Hello, it is only available once 1Password is running and has been unlocked. This is because 1Password for Windows does not make use of any system provided key stores for Windows Hello. For both iOS and Android, we make use of system provided key stores in order to provide biometric unlocks. The difference between these two though is that 1Password for iOS has an additional setting to require the Master Password after a certain time, whereas 1Password for Android does not yet have this setting.

    If you change the setting to "Never" in 1Password for iOS, you will get the same behaviour as you see in 1Password for Android. While we may add this setting to 1Password for Android as well, we make a point of not discussing development plans, so I'll avoid making any predictions here. Hopefully that helps to provide the answer you are looking for!

  • mverdemverde

    Team Member

    You're very welcome @GuilhermePS!

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