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I have a "Parallels Bundle" license and have installed 1Password on my MACs, Android phone and iPads. Can I install it on my Windows 10 PC? Or do I need a separate license for the Windows machine? If the latter, can I use the same DropBox storage space for the Windows version?

1Password Version: 6.8.9 (689001)
Extension Version: Unknown
OS Version: OS X 10.12.6
Sync Type: DropBox


  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Your bundle would have included a 1Password 4 for Windows license, @showard1017, but I'd suggest a separate license on Windows all the same. 1Password 4 is an older version and has just lost compatibility with Chrome, so you'd likely be best served by 1Password 7, which wouldn't have been included in that bundle. On the Dropbox front, however, you're all good. So long as you've got Dropbox set up on Windows and signed in with the same Dropbox account you use elsewhere, you can sync that same data up to your PC. :+1:

  • So I have 1Password7 (I upgraded the original bundle). May I assume the bundle I have does not include 1P for a PC as it was part of a promotion for Parallels, a MAC-only app)? And if I do purchase the PC version, is a “subscription” the only option or can I buy a lifetime license (like I have with the bundle)?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Before I make any assumptions here, did you purchase a new bundle recently, @showard1017? The original Parallels bundle included specifically 1Password 6 for Mac and 1Password 4 for Windows both since it was designed for Parallels customers that would obvious be likely to use Windows as well, but I did see a mention on Twitter recently of a new one and I want to say that actually included 1Password Families instead. I'd have to check to make sure, but if you purchased the recent bundle rather that the one from back in I think 2015ish, I might actually be giving you wrong info about what that included, so I want to make sure. :+1:

  • No. I originally purchased the “Parallels Mac Bundle” in, maybe 2015 or so, which I’m pretty sure was MAC only. I then purchased a copy for both the iPad and Android phone. I upgraded the 1Password on the MAC to version 6 last year for $50. As I understand it, it is no longer possible to purchase the app outright in lieu of a monthly subscription. If that is true, I will have to find another password manager. Subscriptions make the shareholders happy but I’m from the generation that buys things . . . Not rents them.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Not true at all, @showard1017. 1Password 7 is still available with a standalone license and it sounds like you would need one. Install the app, choose your sync method on the Welcome screen, convert your vault to OPVault (if needed) and when prompted for payment, click the "Need a license" option under the green button. Purchase your license, download it from the e-mail you'll received, double-click the downloaded license file and you're done. :+1:

  • I went ahead and signed up for a subscription (before I read your last) as migrating to another platform seemed ridiculous. I never found a stand alone version of 1Pass for Windows which is why I thought I needed to bite the bullet and opt for the subscription. However, since installing the subscription version on Windows 10, I can't figure out how to transfer my vault from Dropbox onto the new installation. And, if I decide to stay with the subscription model, do I need to "upgrade/update" my Android, iOS and OS X versions of the app on those devices? And I will need to migrate my Dropbox vault to them as well. Basically, should I stick with the subscription after the free trial or cancel it and get the Windows 10 stand-alone version? I'm confused. (Being old doesn't help ;=)

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Haha. No worries, @showard1017. I'm only 31, but there's technology out there that still makes me feel old. Smart home devices are a good example. I'm fine with an ordinary computer, but ask me to connect my lights to the internet and I'm more apt to throw my phone across the room instead. :lol:

    If you decide to stick with a 1Password membership, you only need to import your Dropbox data once and I'd be happy to help you do that. Once you've imported it, all you need to do to get your other devices on board is sign in to your account on those devices. Your data would sync right up. This relative simplicity, when compared to a standalone vault, is actually something I really love about 1Password memberships. I was fine with syncing via Dropbox and my mom could handle it too, but I'm pretty sure my dad still thinks computers are built by wizards and that would almost certainly be a bit much for him. Signing into an account he understands, so it wasn't too hard at all to get him using 1Password as part of my Family account.

    What you should choose is your call, though. A 1Password membership does include upgrades, so it will likely make your life a bit easier when 1Password 8 comes along. It also takes the task of setting up sync off your hands. Yes, you'll have to import once, but after that? Never again. There are also additional features included with a 1Password membership that might interest you:

    Plus, you have the option to securely share with others with 1Password Families. If these features are things you feel like you'd use or you value the idea of not worrying about future upgrades or setting up sync again, a 1Password membership is a good choice. If you prefer to stick to Dropbox, though, that's totally fine to. The choice is yours.

    Give it a ponder, let me know what you think, and whatever you choose I'd be happy to help you get set up. :+1:

  • OK. So I finally did find 1Pass for Windows and I downloaded it. I will install it at which time, I presume I'll pay for it then. I guess I'm more comfortable with all my independant copies on all the devices. I feel like things are a little more secure. Anyway, you've been very patient with lil' ol' me. I'm embarrassed to say I have a grandchild almost your age! I actually started working with computers in 1965. I trained on an operated an SDS920 and 930 in the Army. They operated with paper tape drives (no sub-routines in those days), ran FORTRAN iV and COBAL and had a whopping 4K of physical core memory. Each computer occupied 3 (920) or 5 (930) 8-foot tall racks and needed their own air conditioner. The memory boards had 4096 tiny (~1/8 inch) torus magnets that were threaded with 3 thin wires which magnetized the donuts one way for a 0 and another for a 1. Little old ladies in Massachusetts who did needle point threaded the memory boards by hand. When I got out, the first home computer I was able to purchase was a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. I still have it and it still works. Anyway, things have come a loooong way since then. We never imagined having a phone that is a quarter of a million times more powerful than what was then cutting edge. Thanks agin and best of luck in your future. Say hello to Mom and Dad for me.
    Steve Howard

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    That's extremely sweet of you, @showard1017, thank you for being such a trooper. My parents first used computers with those punch cards and they never hesitate to remind me when I'm getting impatient with them. "Katie, you have to be patient. we had to put punch cards into a computer years back and I'd bet you'd have no idea how that works." They're not wrong and it is a good reminder that we all have different experiences and the day will certainly come when I'm no longer the expert, too. :wink: All the best to you as well and I'll be sure to let my folks know their teachings have paid off. :chuffed:

  • Oh-Oh. I downloaded "1PasswordSetup-7.3.657.exe" thinking it was a stand-alone version as we have discussed. I had installed the "subscription" version on the PC and uninstalled it through the Control Panel. When I installed what I thought was the stand-alone version and started it, it came up with the sign-on panel for the subscription version (i.e., "SIGN-IN ADDRESS", "SECRET KEY', etc.
    So, either version 7.3.657 is not a stand-alone program or there is something left on the computer forcing it into the subscription environment or the stand-alone version also now requires the same information as the subscription version. HELP!

    I had forgotten about the cards. My first Summer job in college was creating a database of psychologists for the American Psychological Association on cards. My God! What a task!

    At least I keep your day from being boring!
    Steve Howard

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    It's the same app for both, @showard1017, it just depends how you set things up. If you want standalone, make sure you're at the very beginning with the list of options like "Sign in to", Dropbox, folder, etc. Choose your sync method there – Dropbox for Dropbox, Folder for anything else like Google Drive or a local folder – navigate to your vault (called 1Password.opvault or 1Password.agilekeychain most commonly) and open it up. If you've not purchased a license yet, you'll see a payment prompt after syncing up. Click the "Need a license?" link below the green button and you're good. :+1:

  • OK. Officially confused. Obtained a license and installed it (I think). When I click on "License" in the program the License splash screen shows up.
    When I open 1Pass I get:

    When I click on "Sign into 1Password", I get:

    When I click on "Sync using folder", I get:

    . . . and cannot access Dropbox from that Explorer menu.
    And, "Create a new vault" is just that and not letting me link to Dropbox.
    Is there a tutorial on setting this up?
    Thanks again.
    S. Howard

  • GregGreg

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    Hi @showard1017,

    Do you have Dropbox app installed on this machine? If you don't, please try to install it from their official website and check, if you see Dropbox in the Explorer menu after that. Thank you! :+1:


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