Proper Playstore What's new please

Hello, for the last months, you've been having the same What's new for every new update. Would it be possible to stop with this practice and actually have a concise list of bugs fixed with every update (like shortened version) with a link to the website for more details? Like the one is the attached screenshot, it's not helpful at all.



  • periperi

    Team Member
    edited February 28

    Hi @msxtj. Thanks for reaching out. :)

    The 'What's New' section is great as it allows us to highlight the major changes in a given update. You can find the full release notes here:

    That said, I'll let our development team know you'd appreciate the release notes in the Play Store as well.
    ref: android-199

  • Thanks @peri. That would be nice. Based on the frequence of major changes, it's much better to highlight briefly what changed, even small fixes. You've had the same text in the what's new for approx the last 10 play store updates and that's not what we want to see.

    I'm looking forward to something different in the what's new section for the next Playstore update :)

  • periperi

    Team Member

    Thanks! I can't promise this is something we'll be able to update that soon, but I've shared your feedback with our team!

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